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I double checked and my system had the drivers installed instead of the 13.x beta, so I downloaded catalyst manager 13.3 and when it opened it gave an error, but still opened, but will only allow me to up date to 12.10

Fortunately, I have Reaper mining away at 260kh/s, but would like to tweak the settings and get the drivers upgraded to see what kind of numbers I can generate as this is to be a mining rig specifically

Any ideas?

Okay, I should have posted that in the first place...

Where would I pull my litecoin.conf from?  Most of the packages have one included to modify, but I don't know if I have to drop that in that litecoin roaming app data folder or what

here's the one from my reaper folder:

port 6332
user Scooby903.1
pass 12345

worksize 256
aggression 18
threads_per_gpu 1
sharethreads 18
lookup_gap 2
gpu_thread_concurrency 6144

And the reaper.conf:

save_binaries yes
enable_graceful_shutdown no
long_polling yes

mine litecoin

I have an older HP a6000n that has 1 PCIx16 slot, which I have filled with an XFX Radeon 7850 and have replaced the PSu with a Corsair CS700.  I know I'm not going to win any contest with it, lol...I just want to familiarize myself with it before investing 2k in a rig

LTCGuru - I would love any and all help you can provide!  Would be happy to tip once things get up and running!

Hey There,

I've been trying to get setup to mine for a couple of days now and no matter what I try, every single miner I can find just crashes upon opening.  The only one that hasn't is LTCeasy, but I don't think it's doing anything as I don't get any Kh/s rating or message after selecting all of my options.  I have tried posting on, but have only received 1 reply on 4 different posts...I'm stuck and need a helping hand!

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