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Litecoin mining / Re: Problems getting set up after new graphics card
« on: December 20, 2013, 02:20:43 AM »
What OS are you use? Xubuntu right(casue you can run it with 2G RAM)? But usually we need at least 4G RAM.

Have you done card initialization? Like:
sudo aticonfig --adapter=all --initial -f
sudo reboot

Miner restart itself, for me usually it because I push it too hard. Try to start cgminer with no other parameter like this see if it can run stably.
cgminer -I 13

If you can run smoothly, try to increase load a bit by a bit.

I am new, just started mining recently. I have a rig running with 3 Sapphire Vapor X R9280x. Those cards are supposed to run at 700KH/s, but I can only get 530KH/s. Can you please kindly help me out?
That's my current settings:
./cgminer --scrypt -I 13 -g 2 -w 256 --lookup-gap 2 --thread-concurrency 8192 --gpu-engine 1080 --gpu-memclock 1500 -o stratum+tcp:// -u user.1 -p x

I tried all kinds of settings, the above one was the best hash rate I can get with acceptable stability. If I push -I higher the cgminer will just hang.

I am running it xubuntu 12.04, and I noticed all users posted their configuration which can reach 700KH/s are all mining on windows 7. Do I have to use windows 7? Is there any body reached 700+ with same card on ubuntu? Thanks!

Litecoin mining / Re: coinotron + R9 270x
« on: December 20, 2013, 01:53:31 AM »
A: Accepted.
HW: Hardware Error.

If A:0 means no share accepted by the pool since last start up. If you just started the miner, wait a while, you will see the number increases.

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