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All rakeback has been processed. Some are still awaiting release from support.

Simply contact support for approval!


Besides the unbelievable poker environment and rewards offered by Betcoin via, Betcoin also offers the best odds in all of bitcoin sports, if not all of sports!.

For example:

Betcoin offers nearly 2-10% better odds than most sports books!


Let the Poker World know about the unbelievable poker environment at Betcoin Poker.

At one starts out at 58% rakeback and better yet, it goes higher and higher at a more reasonable rate!  Many players have began referring their friends, family and social media contacts, and everyone is reaping the rewards.

Hundreds of thousands of players are currently playing at sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt.  Most are paying super high rake with very little reward yet they are putting in hours upon hours for YEARS just to reach a MAXIMUM of 30% possible rakeback.  Let's all do the worldwide poker community a favor and let people know about Betcoin Poker.

Rakeback Sent Weekly Consistently

The Highest Rakeback Referral System

Over 500 Players on this Permanent Rakeback Service

Excellent Support and Feedback[/size] for questions, comments and suggestions![/b][/size]

The rakeback deal is great.
Glad to have it.

Just to add my +1, Xiao is very easy to work with (probably the easiest/most attentive affiliate I've ever dealt with), and is excellent at communicating with his players.  If a payment is going to be late he lets people know before hand with a clear reason and timetable, something that very few people in the industry do.

Solid affiliate and best rakeback i've gotten in awhile.

I agree 100%  I could not be happier with this RB deal.  I suggest you jump on it before it goes away.

Sharing my experience too. All seems pretty legit. I was set up pretty quickly and xiao arranged it all in double quick time. I have a quick question while I am here though. Can I get my stats for amount raked and rb rec'd so far please?
Anyway I must say I'm very happy with the deal and have recommended it to others.

At Xiao's request I wanted to give my experience with betcoin and Xiao both.

Before swc changed hands the action was better on swc fur cash games, now it's closer.  I have had fast cash outs, wick response from support, and generally no issues.

Xiao has paid rake back consistently, and has been communicative when payment for his commission has been held up.  If you go through this thread you'll see him posting players out of his own pocket when payment has been held up from betcoin.

I don't play much anymore, but played poker fur a living for years, and have had many many rake back and prop deals, I can say with full confidence xiao is top tier professional.  I don't know him personally, but have recommended several people to this very thread.

The rakeback is really really generous, much better than you will get from swc.  If you prefer to play tournaments, it's not even close since betcoin gets you access to wpn tournaments.

Yes, Xiao reached out to me and asked to give a review, but my review is definitely my own.  He (she?) is a top tier affiliate, and betcoin is totally legit.. Plus it works well with the various stat huds.

Xiao has also asked me to share my experience, which I am happy to do.

I had some issues getting tracked initially, Xiao and betcoin both worked with me and we got it resolved quickly and easily.  Chris at betcoin called Xiao a "trusted affiliate" which was helpful.

I've only been on betcoin a few weeks, RB payments have come in regularly for the duration.  There have been occasional delays and Xiao has been very good about communicating them here in the thread so there are no mysteries.

Currently there is no integrated way to check RB stats, but Xiao offers them if you want an update.  I haven't asked as my payments have lined up with what I'd expect.

Very satisfied so far, overall the only question is that of longevity as I've only been around about a month, looking good though!

Xiaoxiao has been nothing but a gentleman to deal with and his customer service is excellent - quick response time, transparent answers and overall excellence. 

Everyone who plays poker for bitcoins should be signing up through him in order to receive all the awesome incentives from playing at BetCoin Poker.

Well I can say I can be added to the list of happy users of this RB deal ;

If you combine the 50% RB + the VIP rewards, aswell as the cheap rake to start with, Betcoin  is simply the cheapest place to play poker.

It can turn a lot of losing players -  especially on smaller stakes - into winning ones, considering the difference in bb/100 compared to the standard rake in the industry is in the 10bb/100 order !!!


I also signed up to Betcoin through Xiao's rakeback deal.

- Betcoin is currently the best cryptocurrency poker site. Good action, a variety of games offered, and an excellent rewards program. Support is a bit lacking but they've handled all important issues efficiently.

- I wholeheartedly recommend Xiao's rakeback deal. He is very quick in answering any PMs I send him and sends out the rakeback in a timely manner. Sometimes there is a week delay, which I believe he may not be faulted for.

Overall an excellent affiliate deal for anyone looking for a good cryptocurrency poker site.

Wow you guys need to leave Xiao the fuck alone, everything about this service is amazing.

Wow this is still going? You guys realize betcoin has said they will issue refunds on a case by case basis right? Also what do you hope to accomplish here with this crap? Xaio is very helpful to players. He is the opposite of what you are accusing him/betcoin to be and has always acted transparently and ethically towards his players. Twitchy and donk4u and dark days are way beyond out of line at this point and as has been pointed out in every thread about this subject are clearly mentally ill.

Thank you Xiaoxiao for receiving the rakeback 3 weeks already. It is realy helpful  8)
Keep the great work

Hey new signup here and I see that my account was credited with last weeks rakeback. legit! Not much since I spread out my play to other cardrooms, but now I will play here more often!

Thanks for doing this rakeback deal!

The monumental OSS Cubed Tournament Event has begun!

Over $4.5 MILLION in GUARANTEED prizes!


Take home the Championship Bracelet!

Also there has been a HUGE update to the entire Betcoin platform:

*Please report all bugs that you find and components that needs to be added, by making a support ticket!  The new platform will pave the way for new features and is in beta mode as it was updated recently.

Due to constant DDOS attacks, one will not be able to go directly to the home page from Chrome browsers or IE.  Please use Firefox when signing up for this RB service!

Nevertheless, plenty of action tonight, and there's a lot to look forward to at the poker room.  The BBJ is approaching 30 bitcoins, and the OSS Cubed is coming up in less than a week.

Current state of lobby:


On this lovely Sunday morning, there's currently 134 active players on the site, and 244 players logged into the poker client!  Be prepared for more tournament and poker action as more people wake up!


Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful summer like me.  Traffic has been steadily growing at the poker room.  Yes, even during the summer months where traffic universally halts for a little bit.  I expect a surge in traffic come August and Autumn, peaking near the holidays and New Year.  So definitely take advantage of this insane rakeback reward program, as many people already have.

Some things to share about this poker room:


They're happening daily for both Betcoin tourneys and WPN tourneys

2 Factor Authentication

Automated Instant Pay Table Starter Rakeback

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Go to your wallet. Open the table starter promo by clicking the Pick Tables button.

Step 2

Select a table from the list you want to play at.  To promptly find the table you are looking for in the list, please use your browser's search function (CTRL+F).

Step 3

Go back to the table starter bonus panel and click the refresh button (or reload the page). The system will now show the table as pending. You have 5 minutes to sit at this exact table from the time you check it out. If you are not seated at this table within 5 minutes the promo for this table will be canceled and you will need to start over again. Also, make sure that you are not sitting at the table before starting the promo.

Step 4

Once the system has confirmed that you are sitting at the table you will now need to sit at this table straight for at least 1 hour. If you leave the table before reaching 1 hour then the promo will cancel for this table and you will need to start over. You can track your progress in the table starter bonus panel.

Step 5

Instantly receive chips!

Please check out for the BEST poker rakeback in all of online poker!  40% extra rakeback, 50-140% total rakeback, PLUS 100% deposit bonus!

Attention: if your VIP points did not update, please contact live support to have it manually updated.  There is a very small percentage of players that the system skipped over while updating VIP rakeback.

It seems that there is some kind of a glitch or bug with standard BBcode, evidenced by this thread here that I created:

As you can see it somehow made some fonts super super small, when I never initiated that.  Anyone know why?


It looks like WPN tourneys that are in USD are converted in real time each second now. 

All rakeback for the period of 6/6-6/12 has been processed.  Please be sure to check your transaction history.  There are a decent amount of people that have unknowingly signed up for this EXTRA poker rakeback service and either has no idea they are getting extra chips sent via player-to-player transfer, or they have simply never come back to check their account and the chips end up sitting there forever.

This is how you view your past payments:

1) Click transaction history

2) Next filter 'All', 'Player to Player transfer', 'Credits', and if you've been playing for a long time at Betcoin '1000 per page'


As expected there has been some overlays in the Hi-5 with decent value:

*This starts on Wednesday around 2-3 in the afternoon, North American timezone.  Nice to take advantage of this because there should be some overlays.

Play the High Five Tournament Series at Betcoin and get your winnings in Bitcoin!

From June 8th to 12th we?ll host the 6th High Five Tournament Series with a massive 1,700 BTC in guaranteed prize pools and a 780 BTC GTD Main Event.

The High Five Tournament Series will bring you 5 extra tournaments for 5 straight days, over and above our regularly scheduled Big 10 and Turbo 10 events.

We also understand that no tournament series is complete without big prize pool tournaments. Along with the enormous 780 BTC GTD we?ve got two other massive tournaments which are a 140 BTC and 185 BTC GTD.

The players spoke out overwhelmingly in last year?s High Five with their approval of our 10 minute courtesy break at 4:20pm ET every day. So we?re keeping the tradition going during this one.

This is one series no one should miss, so don?t forget to tell your buds! Satellites for major events will start running soon. Check the poker lobby for the full tournament schedule.

Thank you and good luck!

Full Schedule of Events:

All rakeback has been processed for the week of 5/30-6/5.  GL!

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