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[ANN] Zabercoin is an Asset backed ERC20 Ethereum token

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Zabercoin is an asset backed cryptocurrency. Therefore, with Zabercoin we aim to resolve this problem by combining the blockchain technology with physical asset investments like real estate and lucrative companies more specifically located in emerging markets were earnings growth remains profitable.

ICO: 01.12.2017 - 16.01.2018


Zabercoin limits your exposure to the downside risk. Zabercoin has a floor price right from the time of its inception. Each Zabercoin token will be backed by lucrative property such as real estate making this cryptocurrency unique and sustainable with sound recurring income re-invested to ensure future growth, research and development. These tokens will be accessible and convertible via exchanges to ensure liquidity.

* Zabercoins are indestructible and stable, and can be kept securely in your cryptographically wallet
* Zabercoins have an intrinsic value because it is backed by physical assets with profitable earnings
* The Zabercoin ecosystem offers merchant applications (apps) and payment processing services, allowing Zabercoins to be an excellent medium of exchange all around the world.MISSION STATEMENTTo establish Zabercoin as the preferred real estate digital token by providing a competitive advantage to the investor by outstanding levels of professionalism, ethics, integrity, service, expertise, innovation and ambition in the global blockchain cryptocurrency real estate market environment.



Token price in ETH for Pre-ICO:
Minimum(10 ETH)
Permanent 75% bonus.
1 ETH = 61,25 ZAB
Pre-ICO duration - 15 days:
From: 10 November 2017 11:00:00 UTC (unixtime=1510311600)
To: 25 November 2017 11:00:00 UTC (unixtime=1511607600)
Do not pay before or after these periods

Token price in ETH for Public ICO:
Minimum investment amount ONLY 0.1 ETH.
1 ETH = 35 ZAB (0% bonus) to 52,2 ZAB (50% bonus).

Do not pay before or after these periods

Public ICO duration - 46 days:
From: 1 December 2017 11:00:00 UTC (unixtime=1512126000)
To: 16 January 2018 11:00:00 UTC (unixtime=1516100400)

You can pay in ETH or BTC:
Soft Cap – US $250,000
TOTAL Hardcap - US $50,000,000 in ETH equivalent (total for all currencies)

Crowdsale ETH for payments: 0xcDa342715528b24eb5E840B847e83900B71dC0F1.
BTC wallet for payments: 1CAyLcES1tNuatRhnL1ooPViZ32vF5KQ4A

ICO takes place with a price from $4,9 to $8,6 and a bonus from 75% to 0%. The final number of tokens depends only on the amount contributed by investors. Tokens are issued directly at the time of payment.

After payment you can setup your wallet to view tokens:
Token address - 0xbfab8188b4a0bdaa4da9bd900d9a6f32d08ad810 (it's not the crowdsale address)
Token Symbol - ZAB
Decimals – 18
(See FAQ)




Interview With The Creators Of Zabercoin

ANN Bitcointalk Thread:
Official Bounty Program:

Also it is important to note that there are 4 phases of Zabercoin all in real estate(Over 200 Trillion USD industry):

1. Purchasing lucrative property in especially emerging markets (EM) with great valuations. Although the focus of Zabercoin management will be to buy property within emerging markets, other profitable and lucrative projects outside EM will also be considered in its investment plan. Zabercoin makes use of all legal tax incentives like Article 13 Sex of the Income Tax Act of RSA to ensure sustainable and profitable rental income and maximum growth for the investor right from the start.

Our investment philosophy in brief: 
At Zabercoin we strive to add value at each stage in the investment process which targets under-priced markets expected to maximise performance for a given level of risk. The management team adopts a top-down asset management approach. This means that a variety of economy-wide phenomena (macroeconomics) such as inflation, price levels, growth rates and unemployment of a country will be thoroughly evaluated before considering any prospective project. We strongly believe in a value investing style where the interests of the company and the investor always take preference in decision-making. Good asset selection, and active management are fundamental drivers of investment performance.

2. Developing a decentralised blockchain based property ledger which will record all real estate contracts, registrations and linked bills. With this ledger, Zabercoin will be able to provide property owners and potential buyers an accurate and seamless record of valuations and property ownerships. In comparison with Windeed, a centralised South African service provider, Zabercoin will be unique in providing a decentralised global service by effectively making use of the blockchain.

3. Developing a decentralised open source bookings eco-system for renting hotel rooms, private properties and accommodation using blockchain technology making it more cost effective for the host and guest and incentivising the users. AirBNB currently has a market cap of approximately 30Bn USD. They charge a guest between 6-12% and a host 3% after a successful stay. They expect to generate a revenue of over 10Bn USD by 2020.

In comparison, Zabercoin will charge only 4% for a guest and 2% for a host.
Half (50%) of above revenue will go to the users by managing the properties on their decentralised Zabercoin account portal as an incentive. By incentivising users there will be no need to market and by using blockchain technology administration costs will be very low. If Zabercoin, at a third of the price and incentive model to users/agents as well, can obtain only 10% of the market share of AirBNB it will value Zabercoin at 3Bn USD on this basis alone. If Zabercoin can raise 30m USD it will result in a 100x return on investment!

4. Using Zabercoins as payment method for transfer costs on properties.  Barnard Inc Lawyers already approved this as a payment method. South Africa alone has over 80,000 transfers per annum and we intend to incentivise users as well. Bitcoin is seldom referred to as “digital gold” – an industry of 8.2 trillion USD. Zabercoin aims to become a digital real estate token – an industry of more than a 200 trillion USD.

Sally Krawcheck, a digital financial advisor said: “Greater diversity drives better business results”.


We have successfully raised 4 million USD in the pre-sale! We also have 2 large investors participating in the Main ICO. Delphi Capital and an influential individual from Ghana. Buy your tokens as soon as the ICO opens to ensure you get stock!


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