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✪Public API & Private API supported✪
Check Guide & Donations section for more info.
UPDATE: Website is now released, and we updated the CryptoCurrency elite trading bot now compatible with more sites and coins
Our website link: newbielink: [nonactive]
Youtube video link: newbielink: [nonactive]  newbielink: [nonactive]

^Download link is inside the description of the video.^ And or in the website, website for latest versions!

                                                                                        -----Description & Extras-----

I'm proud to announce Cryptocurrency Elite the #1 trading bot in the market since 2011, the most dedicated free automatic trading bot.
Compatibility: Windows (Most stable), and mac and linux.
This is one of the competing bots back in development from 2011, we have mastered programming to present to you the highest profitability ratio and the lowest losses.

Here is the bot, free premium for everyone, load it up, login to your exchange sites and start trading or do it while you are asleep, that way you will be making money even when you are in your real life job, or when you can't be here when the market is rising and when other countries are awake and prices are different.
Requirements: None, but having .net framwork 4.0 might be necessary for some functions,and for mac/linux you will need java Note: (Not needed for windows)


1.Does this really work?
A.Yes, you will need an internet connection for the bot to make succesful trades however

2.What operating systems are supported, and what coins are supported?
B. Every coin in exchange sites is supported, there is a major list of coins supported in the program, but please be aware it might take us a day to add a newly released coin for example a coin that was made yesterday.

3. Any image of this?
C. Check below

(Image from july), a bit outdated we have better profit win/loss ratio systems now, but you get the idea.

4. Can i get banned for using this?
D. None of the users i know got banned for using this, this does not in any way alter the connections it simply does maths and checks with trusted sources and other exchanges for profit surges, something a human can't do, to best maximize profits and sleep soundly is by using this tested and profitable tool.



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