Author Topic: Opensea Stuns the Crypto Industry with its mind blowing Trade Volume  (Read 1165 times)

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Opensea, the well -known NFT Marketplace has now catches the eyes of kingpins of the industry! It seems like any other NFT Marketplace in the beginning but this August Month bring Fortune to platform, The Trade volume surges up to nearly 540% compared to the previous month.

Opensea announces that the trade volume for august month has raised upto 1.8 million where the trade volume of previous month is 284 million, they also revealed that nearly 4 lakh s of NFTs are sold out in the platform. The reason behind the sudden growth is still a mystery, opensea might keep this secret with themselves to succeed future in the Industry.

The extreme sudden surge is a clear indication, that opensea started laying their foundation stronger in the crypto globe which is gonna to impact the crypto economy on the other hand, it inspires cryptopreneurs all around the world to start their own NFT marketplace like Opensea.

Now Technology, simplifies complications, By making use of Opensea Clone Script, Any business person can kick start their own NFT Marketplace like opensea, which holds all the primary trading features and loaded with all the security features.