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Platinum Crypto Academy

Rowan Energy Adds 5 New Blockchain Masternodes To Existing Blockchain Architecture

5 New Blockchain masternodes have been added to the Rowan Energy Network, Increasing the safety and security through verifying transactions.

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Services / Crypto Trading Tips That Will Put You In Top Traders!
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Bitcoin prices surged 5% on Wednesday, outpacing stocks and gold amid calls for more government stimulus, as the economic toll of the coronavirus mounts.

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Marketplace / Bitcoin Price News – Sideways Or Will The Run Continue
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Platinum Crypto Academy

Bitcoin Price News – Sideways Or Will The Run Continue

Bitcoin Price News is that Bitcoin it is likely to consolidate for a few days before resuming its uptrend while the bulls are in command.

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News of the cryptocurrency market: now offers a total of 3 million accommodation options users can book with cryptocurrency.

Online travel booking platform has added one million new homes across 195 countries to its site with the release of a designated home bookings section called ‘Homes’. Holiday homes and apartments can be booked with over 30 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and’s native coin AVA.

ShareRing has launched an anonymous e-passport app with contact tracing in an effort to revive the $9 trillion global tourism industry.

Enterprise-focused blockchain company ShareRing has launched a blockchain based contact tracing solution it will offer to 2.6 million hotel and activity providers that currently use one of the company’s services. The anonymous e-passport app hopes to solve the privacy issues facing similar tracing apps. ShareRing’s app, which focuses on tourism’s $9 trillion tourism industry, allows users to upload important documentation, such as e-visa on arrival (eVOA), passport information, travel insurance, flight and accommodation bookings and a negative COVID-19 test result.

Bloomberg finds Ethreum’s bull run to be speculative while contending that Bitcoin’s appreciation is driven by fundamentals.

The report points out that Ethereum faces “plenty of competition from similar crypto platforms and about 6,000 tradable coins.” On the other hand, Bloomberg has remained consistently bullish about Bitcoin, noting its gold-like qualities and increased institutional demand. The success of the DeFi space has led to the appreciation of Ether, with some comparing it to the ICO boom. As more smart contract platforms mature, competition will only get tougher. When it comes to the world of professional investors, Ether does not have a clear selling point like Bitcoin’s limited supply.

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Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has decried the US government’s efforts to block social media network TikTok.

In brief

Telegram's CEO has criticized the US government's threats against TikTok.

Pavel Durov said the precedent it sets could "kill the Internet."

The US government previously blocked Telegram's billion-dollar cryptocurrency project.

The CEO of Telegram, the chat app with 400 million users, today slammed the US government for its threats to block social media app

TikTok, arguing that it could “kill the internet.” He’d know a thing or two about US government intervention—regulators recently thwarted his company’s billion-dollar cryptocurrency play, the Telegram Open Network.

Pavel Durov, the Russian billionaire CEO who is also known for creating Russia’s Facebook doppelganger, VKontakte, said that the US government’s threats to block TikTok are “setting a dangerous precedent that may eventually kill the internet as a truly global network (or what is left of it).”

President Donald Trump has threatened to ban TikTok, a social media network with 800 million users, after branding it a national security threat due to its links to the Chinese Communist Party. The app harvests mountains of data about its users and its parent company, ByteDance, is forced to comply with data requests from the CCP.

To sidestep a ban in the US and elsewhere, ByteDance is trying to sell TikTok. It is currently in negotiations with US software firm Microsoft. If Microsoft buys the app, it will be responsible for data privacy and management.

In his post today, Durov condemned Trump’s threats to ban the app. “The problem with the US-TikTok case is that it legitimises an extortion tactic previously employed only by authoritarian regimes,” he said.

“Authoritarian leaders all over the world are already using the TikTok case as justification in their attempts to carve out a piece of the global internet for themselves. Soon, every big country is likely to use ‘national security’ as a pretext to fracture international tech companies.”

The US government this year caused the collapse of the Telegram Open Network, the blockchain network that Telegram had been building for two years.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission alleged at the start of October—a month the network was due to launch—that Telegram’s $1.7 billion ICO for TON was illegal. The SEC settled with Telegram and the project collapsed in May.

Telegram’s abandonment of TON raises questions about how the company will keep funding its messenger app, which operates without advertisements. The $1.7 billion ICO would have kept the network running for many years to come; it had previously relied on the reserves of Durov’s VKontakte billions.

Russian trader and analyst Kirill Promzin said that Durov is planning to sell off Telegram to a Russian buyer, according to Russian news site IKBT. Durov quelled such rumors. 'We are not selling Telegram—neither in part, nor in full. This will always be our position.”

Durov said that he is “proud” that Telegram has “always declined offers to sell our operations in specific countries” when countries threatened them with bans. “My response to those offers has been along the lines of my 2011 middle finger photo [to the Russian government, which had requested that VKontakte hand over data about Ukranian protestors]: we are not in the business of betraying our users.”

Gambling / Benefits Of BTC At Online Casinos
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Benefits Of BTC At Online Casinos

Does online gambling only revolve around winning money? Why does it always backfire for many punters who apply similar tactics? Fortunately, things are not so gloomy thanks to cryptocurrency gambling. There are many benefits such as free BTC by using Bitcoin casino promo code offers and in this article I will talk about the other advantages that blockchain provides.

Bitcoin has proven to be king when it comes to gambling using crypto. To make you understand further, we present several benefits that come with using Bitcoin. Go through this piece, and you will come out with enough knowledge to warrant you switch from conventional gambling to Bitcoin gambling.

Low Fees

Bitcoin like the rest of the cryptocurrencies in play today remains a decentralized unit. Other than keeping your information secure, the transaction fees remain low to zero value. The reason being these transactions are done on the bitcoin platform without the intervention of intermediaries.

All Bitcoin-based transactions get stored in a public ledger known as a blockchain. The database serves as the leading platform for all cryptocurrencies, and it records all transactions. Users only pay a meager fee that serves as transfer fees.

Fast Transactions

Thanks to its decentralized nature, the transactions take minimal time from initiation to payment. Every aspect of bitcoin gambling from playing to payment processing is done online.

Without any third-party meddling, it means that once the funds get initiated funds are deposited into crypto wallets within minutes. Bitcoin block reading speeds fluctuate between ten minutes to several hours on average.

However, note that it’s not in all cases that you get your funds within ten minutes. The casino platform you’re playing at may take their sweet time to authorize funds withdrawal. It means that with the casino’s slow pace, transaction processing could be more than a day which is still faster than using fiat currencies.

Promotions & Bonuses
Another huge benefit that comes with utilizing Bitcoin when gambling is the numerous promotions and bonuses players gain. Traditional online-based casinos grant punters 50% - 100% match bonus which is usually a few hundred dollars after placing an initial deposit.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, grants gamers bigger bonuses and promotions since these platforms have minimal overheads. Punters get more rewards on the following several deposits, and in some instances, they profit from a lifetime bonus reload.

Bitcoin casinos also accord players various promotions that come with free spins or cashback bonuses. At times, they grant gamers with tickets to special events such as Texas Hold'em and poker tournaments.


As you use Bitcoin, a lot of online casinos don’t require users to share their personal information other than a username and cryptocurrency wallet address. Since privacy is at the helm of Bitcoin gambling, if you get a platform asking for more information other than a username and cryptocurrency address, you should run away!


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