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Alternative cryptocurrencies / Re: Sensible Finance | Making Finance Logical
« Last post by mildred01 on Yesterday at 10:57:22 PM »
Do you have plan to get listed another platforms ?


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Alternative cryptocurrencies / Sensible Finance | Making Finance Logical
« Last post by cryptooffer on Yesterday at 08:37:59 PM »

Our Staking App is now Live!
We just launched our Staking platform, where every HODLER can stake their $SENSIBLE for up to 6% interest per day! There are 6 different packages and it’s pretty amazing! We’ve created the perfect use case for this coin!

Start Staking:

We are Sensible Finance
$SENSIBLE is a stealth launched DeFi coin. Each transaction has a 10% tax, out of which 5% is distributed to holders and 5% is put into liquidity. Sensible currently has it’s own staking farms, which have a smart contract published for smart staking. This makes $SENSIBLE as a coin with a perfect use case.
Buy on Pancakeswap

Binance Smart Chain
Since Sensible is running on the Binance Smart Chain. There are little to no gas fees which makes swapping tokens much easier.

Stealth Launched
The developers of Sensible do not have any of the tokens and have burnt half the supply. This makes rug pulls close to impossible.

Low MarketCap
Sensible has an extremely low market cap and price which means it has lots of room for growth.

High Potential
Sensible Finance is brand new and since its stealth launched there will be a gradual increase in investors.

75% of the supply burnt
75% of the Sensible Finance supply has been burnt and will be unrecoverable forever. This means that the coin is very scarce.

If you hold Sensible Finance coins you receive more of them as people buy or sell the coin.

What Is Smart Staking
Normal staking/farming profits from the transaction fees users have to pay when you buy a token or crypto. What smart staking does is it uses your $SENSIBLE tokens to put into multiple yield farms and investments, the dev is planning to put 75% of funds into 10 yield farms (some stable coin some more risky) which will produce an average of 2% daily yield, and 25% into 5 audited BSC platforms which will make 2-3% a day or up to 5%. Once 24 hours has passed, the yield gets collected, converted to BNB then to Sensible and sent directly to the holder’s wallet.

Join our telegram
Join our telegram to receive updates on sensible finance and talk with the community!
Join Now:


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Do you accept other crypto ?

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YEAY launches 3rd influencer house to bring social commerce & crypto rewards to Latin America

YEAY, a social commerce platform that uses blockchain technology to reward creators for sharing shoppable product recommendations, today announced the launch of a further YEAY House following a rise in lifestyle influencers, including those with a strong presence in Latin American markets, seeking an entry point into blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Just a month after the launch of the second YEAY House LA in March 2021, the 3rd YEAY House, which is also based in LA, has joined YEAY’s rapidly growing list of creator collaborations to extend the combined reach to more than 150 million Generation Z consumers.

2nd Generation YEAY House influencers include:

    @jimema.jimenezr (17.1m TikTok followers)
    @iamferv (12.2m TikTok followers)
    @melipandda (9.8m TikTok followers)
    @augustogimenez (5.9m TikTok followers)
    @nicolegarcia (5.1m TikTok followers)

With the top six Latin American e-commerce markets expecting to see 105 percent growth between 2018-2022 (Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) analysis), markets including Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia, present a powerful opportunity for bringing blockchain to mass consumer adoption.

The YEAY House influencers are provided with weekly crypto education sessions from external blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals. These sessions have so far welcomed experts from a diverse range of projects including SwanBitcoin, which simplifies Bitcoin investments, Bondly Finance, an NFT marketplace where artists such as Tory Lanez have released exclusive tracks and artwork as NFTs, and blockchain venture studio and fund, Draper Gorem Holm (VC).

Both YEAY Houses are empowering influencers with a deeper knowledge of topics ranging from blockchain technology to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while introducing them to alternative content monetization methods via the YEAY app, where the influencers and their communities can earn WOM Tokens for creating authentic word-of-mouth recommendation videos. The influencers are then filtering down this knowledge to their audiences while simultaneously onboarding them onto the YEAY app to share the rewards.

WOM Tokens are distributed through the WOM Protocol, a blockchain protocol that provides the YEAY app with an economic incentive system that reverses the monetization models seen in influencer marketing and other UGC marketing models. Rather than prepaid brand deals and compromising contracts, with the WOM Protocol, creators have free range to recommend any brand or product of their choice.

All recommendations are peer-reviewed and authenticated before creators are rewarded. Only recommendations that the crowd feels are authentic, creative, and positive pass authentication and can start earning creators, as well as content authenticators, WOM Token rewards.

This is catching the attention of brands, which now have direct access to all of this authenticated user-generated content through the recently launched WOM Campaign Manager. Here brands can browse through their own and competitor content, before purchasing WOM Tokens to boost selected content with additional exposure on the YEAY app.

@augustogimenez: “YEAY allows me to share my lifestyle and the products I love with all my followers.”

@jimema.jimenezr “With YEAY I’m learning so much about crypto and can also just show the products I enjoy.”

@melipandda: “YEAY is a really fun app, but it can also educate people on crypto as well. It’s great as people are starting to get more interested in what it’s all about.”

Melanie Mohr, the founder of YEAY and CEO of WOM, said: “It’s so exciting to see the YEAY House creator initiatives taking off and to bring lifestyle influencers along on the journey. With a powerful collaboration of Latin American influencers now on board, we have an incredible opportunity to reach into the LatAm markets and spread the message that cryptocurrencies are an accessible way to get rewarded for digital creativity.”

About YEAY

YEAY is the leading community for Generation Z to share honest recommendation videos with one another about the products they love. The YEAY app started integrating and testing the WOM Protocol at the start of 2020 and decided to further scale through influencer marketing at the end of 2020.

Since then the app has facilitated 1m+ transactions and more than 30k videos have been created, generating a high engagement of more than 3m views. For more information about YEAY visit

About the WOM Protocol

WOM (word-of-mouth) is building a blockchain-based protocol that gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any app or platform. WOM is backed by dozens of seasoned investors from around the globe. For more info about WOM:

In March 2021 WOM launched the WOM Campaign Manager, to provide brands with a dashboard and control panel for viewing authenticated recommendations about their own and competitor products. Brands can use the tool to select content to boost for additional exposure on the YEAY app while tracking all of the engagement metrics and KPIs related to these recommendations and configurations. The WOM Campaign Manager is a free tool accessed at

About the YEAY House

The YEAY House is part of a series of creator collectives sponsored by YEAY to bring together influencers to collaborate and onboard their communities to the YEAY app. Together, they can amplify the creative power and social reach for direct conversations about the products and brands they love.

The 1st YEAY House launched at the end of 2020 with lifestyle and gaming influencers, including the famous 13-year-old gamer, Faze H1ghsyk1, and successful Youtuber and Streamer, GrantTheGoat. The 2nd YEAY House included growing TikTok/Youtube and Instagram lifestyle influencers, like Keemokazi, Swagboyq, and Dayna Marie.

The newly launched 3rd YEAY House, in LA, Beverly Hills, is now home to lifestyle influencers with a strong reach in LatAm markets, including Jimena, Fernanda, Melissa, Augusto, and Nicole – with a combined reach of more than 50m followers.

NFT Global Registry

The Global Association Dedicated to the Education, Protection

and Advancement  of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT's)

Protecting the Rights of NFT Holders Around the World.
Promoting Awareness and Educating the public.
Providing industry guidance and direction.
Rewarding Holders of NFTG.


Total Supply - 11,000,000
Allocated to team and vested liniar over 12 months - 5,000,000
Development and Marketing - 3,000,000
Presale - 3,000,000 (unsold tokens will be burnt)
ICO Token Price: $0.06
Exchange listing price immediately following presale: $0.12

Our Services
The NFT Global Registry is the first and only organization committed to the  advancement of the industry.

where is your community ?
There is no telegram or other socialmedia
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