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This is a great opportunity to start a reliable and profitable investment on the best platform.

Ideachain is a start-up company based in Turkey. Founded in 2020 by Mohamad Rafiq Trabulsi, an entrepreneur and a prominent investor in the field of blockchain and digital currencies.

A digital currency to support ICH inventors and protect their rights with smart and innovative solutions.
Reasons to choose Idea chain coin

Simple, Fast, and Effective:
The user interface has been made user-friendly to enable all types of users to get the best out of their time and money.

Guidance and Mentorship:
The users of the ICH platform will get the guidance they need to most and they will be able to get mentor-ship from leading experts.

Forward-Looking and Long term:
Joining Idea Chain Coin revolution is going to reward the users in the long run. The platform is set to grow and add new features with time.

Visionary Team:
 A team of experienced professionals is on a mission to support innovators and investors through the usage of secure technology.

How does chain coin help the inventor?
One of the most prominent problems facing the inventor is that he has no marketing ideas for the inventor because he is really talented in the field of invention, but in contrast he is in marketing.

Due to his lack of talent in the field, he needs a credible entity with "professionalism in the field of marketing" to market his invention.

The inventor, on the one hand, needs professional legal authority to legally assist in drafting an invention application, and on the other hand, to help maintain the copyright of his invention, especially when drafting a contract with a businessman. It is said.

All inventors have problems communicating their invention to the world due to the limited capabilities, efforts, and supporters of these unique topics. Idea Chain Coin comes to provide smart solutions to innovators who need guidance. We support them and stand behind them to turn their dream into reality.

Idea Chain Coin is an innovative platform that has been designed to support and facilitate innovators. This unique service is for those who do not want to lose their invention to idea thieves.
The project was launched at the start of 2020 . We are now enlisting Idea Chain Coin on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tokenomics :
The total token supply is 55 million
Token allocation can be seen below and in the pie chart :
25M: Public Allocation
10M: Marketing and Partnerships
5M: Development
5M: Team’s Allocation
10M: To be voted for in 2023 (to either allocate to burn).

So now is the time to start a business with ICH.

For more information, please visit
What is the tedesis ?
The Tedesis system and its Blockchain, allow to authenticate and guarantee the authenticity of all types of online content. In order to fight against frauds, misappropriations, scams, identity theft and fakes news.

The Tedesis cryptocurrency has only one million coins in circulation, making it a rare exclusive value. When a payment is made, it takes only a few seconds to complete a secure transaction.

Blockchain and Authenticity
Anyone can now publish online content on the Internet. Articles, documents, files, fake news. But what guarantees it is genuine and authentic?

Currently, there is no system that can guarantee the reliability of content. It is now possible with Tedesis Core. See how to do it now.

Blockchain verification
The Tedesis core uses the system to check the authenticity of content over the is allows you to store and exchange information in a secure manner. mutable, it's a non-corrupting database. This way you can assign a digital "fingerprint" to the content or link you want to authenticate.

When you use Tedesis to verify the authenticity of your content, the verification shows that your content is reliable.

Users can get some additional information, such as information about the creator of the content, date and time of publication.

However, a lot of other information that can be useful as a means of identification. MD5 hashes of files, potential additional sources in case of suspected fake news, etc.

Tedesis makes it very easy for a large number of users to authenticate their content. They are relieved in the face of fraud, misappropriation, fraud, identity theft and fake news.

You can place a sticker or certification label on your website that says "Content certified by Tedesis."

With just a click, you'll be redirected directly to the page to get all the information you need to authenticate directly and automatically. Reassure your visitors now with just one click.

Tedesis offers users great benefits:

   Fast trading,
    low distribution,
   5% annual holder compensation
   charitable donations.

I think this is a great platform to start a reliable and profitable investment today

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Litecoin mining / Re: LTCRabbit OS vs. Windows?
« Last post by Elise42 on Yesterday at 06:29:47 PM »
I am very new to Litecoins and am about to build my first rig.
I want to get either three 9750 or three R9 280x
I found a tutorial ([size=78%][/size]
which is about undervolting and overclocking under Linux or Windows. The LTCRabbit-OS says, that it works with 9750 and R9 280x out of the box. Undervolting or overclocking is not mentioned at all.
So, would i be better of using windows or linux to underclock and undervolt my GPUs or does the LTC-Rabbit-OS do this by itself?

Furthermore, i was wondering what would work better for me: the 9750 or the R9 280x
I found charts on the internet, but they all said something different.
What is the better GPU (hash rate vs. watts)? I am asking this, because electricity is very expensive in Germany (0.35$ per watt).

I believe, these questions are very easy questions, but i could not find any answers.

Thanks in advance!!
Bonjour, je me demande si même à présent l'électricité est elle toujours chère en Allemagne?

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Litecoin Exchange Services / Re: BestChange monitor is your exchange helper
« Last post by BestChange on Yesterday at 07:27:37 AM »
 Over the week, the flow of funds to the cryptocurrency market reached $1.3 billion

The inflow of funds into investment products based on cryptocurrencies last week reached a record $1.31 billion, according to the digital asset management company CoinShares. “We believe investors have been very price conscious this year due to the speed at which prices in bitcoin achieved new highs,” said investment strategist James Butterfill. CoinShares analysts believe that the new high may be related to the recent drop in the price of BTC. It is likely that investors took advantage of the decline in the exchange rate in order to buy cryptocurrency at a profitable price.

 Lloyd Blankfein: BTC prevents authorities from controlling the financial system

According to Lloyd Blankfei, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, the authorities are obliged to tighten regulation of the cryptocurrency industry due to the rapid growth of this direction. The businessman pointed to the "pseudo-anonymity" of digital assets, which makes bitcoin a convenient tool for financing illegal activities. “You don't know whether or not you're paying the North Koreans or Al Qaeda or the Revolutionary Guard. If I were a regulator, I would be kind of hyperventilating at the success of it at the moment and I'd be arming myself to deal with it, ”Blankfein said. In his opinion, the duty of regulators is to limit the freedom that digital coins provide. At the same time, Blankfein doubts that after the tightening of control and, as a result, the loss of anonymity, bitcoin will continue to be in great demand.

Alternative cryptocurrencies / An easy and safe way to earn money at home.
« Last post by nelly333 on Yesterday at 04:44:24 AM »
This is a great platform! Simple and fun to make money! It offers great potential for earning side cash I did almost nothing but look at the box! Don’t miss the chance! Invest now.

EroticCoin was born to value the time people spend their time watching TV and other applications and rewarding others when they make money.

Watching TV and video, online or offline, is also a great source of entertainment that can distract us from the stress of everyday life. In addition, the extra money from seeing can also help reduce stress.

Whether it's news or weather, television and video continue to provide us with information about the world. Minutes of viewing and video content can bring world connectivity, exposure and knowledge to families, not to mention a few dollars extra.

People watching TV are often criticized for being lazy, addicted, and antisocial. However, a modest amount of television can be educational, and in today's era, watching through erotic coins can be rewarded and earned.

Erotic Coin offers numerous advantages to its users; helping generate revenue by watching & sharing videos is simple and smart!

   Viewers, therefore, indirectly generate tokens by watching a channel.
   Viewers receive tokens that they can donate to others.
    The creation of a Platform dedicated to community members increases the general audience and their revenues.

EOC Token
Name: EroticCoin
Type: ERC20 Symbol: EOC
Platform: Ethereum
General release: 1,000,000,000

The ICO starts on 15 January and finishes on 15 February. On 17 February, EOC will be listed on 5 Exchanges. The name will be revealed when ICO will start. On ICO, you have a bonus of 20%.

For more info you can simply visit at




Marketplace / #BEST Crypto signals provider on Telegram & Crypto Trading BOT
« Last post by Cryptinvestment on January 26, 2021, 08:47:02 PM »

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« Last post by shariarporosh on January 26, 2021, 04:13:03 PM »


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