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What is the difference between Vinchain and other technologies?
Ever since the launch of digital currencies, many people have explored what other possibilities are there when you implement the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology solves any problem associated with a centralized system. Using technology that fully depends on a centralized system has become rather difficult especially since the beginning of the Internet. Poor data storage systems have led to the increase in cyber crimes. In the automotive industry, several buyers have purchased ‘bad’ cars due to manipulation or misrepresentation of information by the seller. This is because records on vehicles are being stored by a person or company. Needless to say, having a centralized data storage system for all vehicle records gives room for manipulation for personal gains.

However, Vinchain seeks to solve this huge problem with the help of the Blockchain technology. With its help, the information will always be transparent and up-to-date due to the decentralization of information. No one will be able to influence the data for their own aim. There will be no possibilities of losing any data. Everyone who is interested will be able to get the access to this information.

It will also benefit every member of the automotive business, companies, and services that are connected with it. Also, the rewarding system will be fair and clear. You will receive your tokens for each request that is done by anyone on that info according to the rate of information you give us. Vinchain hopes to offer this service as soon as the project has successfully been implemented.
Add to our TWITTER | FACEBOOK | TELEGRAM and get involved online by using the hashtag #vinchain
#vinchain #vinchainteam #ico #vehiclehistory #Blockchain #decentralized #vehicle
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Introductions / ritagliate adidas yeezy boost 350 oxford tan e un maglione snuggly
« Last post by gamma on November 17, 2017, 08:45:01 AM »
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Gambling / Where do you play with cryptocurrencies?
« Last post by SummerHamster on November 16, 2017, 07:56:54 PM »
Hello There!

I'm looking forward to find some online casinos, where I can play with crptocurrencies. I just found this casino site which is only for bitcoin users, but I would like to have a choice which cryptocurrencie I like to deposit or withdrawal. So that is the reason, why I'm asking you, where do you play with cryptocurrencies? Do you play in casinos with bitcoins or ethereum?

Please tell me your sites!
What kind of shit is that?? I cant read anything

Airdrop company

During the registration for a demo account, you’ll have to provide the Etherium wallet number (this is optional). By giving this information the user receives IVC tokens — a sum equal to $10 + also receiving the referral link. If someone will use this link for registration — the user will receive $1 reward.

The offer is available until December 8 or until there are 8000 users. Do not hesitate to register!

The procedure is very simple. Find it out here:

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VinChain Recent News From Used Car Week 2017
Being the first social platform we were presenting our project, we had adequately prepared for it. Come that Monday, we set everything up and started welcoming all the curious people and explaining what we do. Being a fairly new concept, Blockchain technology was familiar to others while to some it was a new term. Some had no idea what Blockchain is and why it's important while some were very familiar with it and had very good technical questions. We interacted with so many people from all walks of life and answered all their questions about our project. We met a lot of people and even created new networks from that conference.
Overall, everyone was interested in the idea of how Blockchain technology can solve some key problems that the world faces. With every person that visited our stand, we offered the best customer experience by giving him/her undivided attention while explaining the concept. In the end, they left satisfied and happy to have known about our idea to create a decentralized vehicle database.
We also had a chance to speak to other exhibitors and find out more about their businesses. Many of the other companies said that they were interested in monetizing their data although they were not sure if they can because of their contracts. We agreed to stay in touch and continue discussions on this topic. Some of the companies we talked to included ADD123, WeGoLook, SGS and a few others. We were also approached by other companies who have heard about us before and have been doing research on us. They had much more detailed questions and as we answered them, some took notes. At the end of the day, we were happy and looked forward to the next day of the conference.

#Blockchain #Vinchain #ICO #vehiclehistory #decentralized #vehicle #usedcarweek2017
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