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BitMEX Signals
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AA UNION CAPITAL (AAUC) investment fund, its incubator project KYCBench and other invested 7 major projects chief representatives covering crypto mining energy saving, regulatory frameworks, OTC sessions, with Vice President Salina Bo and key investing board members – Fund and Compliance Manager Cos Pana, Head of Data Management Alexandra Marchenko and OTS specialist Chris Klein held over 35 interviews and meeting with potential partners and ICOs projects for investment purpose during Malta Blockchain Summit at the venue location, Intercontinental Hotel St Pauls.

AA Union Capital conducted one of the main topics of the Malta Blockchain Summit, which held in Malta on November 1-2, was innovations in the regulation of online business. Some fundamental changes affect almost all industry participants and here are the main trends in this area.

According to the experts, the recent global trends in the field of regulation, there are three main trends that will have the greatest impact on the blockchain industry in the future. This is a European directive MiFID (II), aimed to tighten control over securities transactions; customer data protection regulations (GDPR); and also, perhaps, the “hottest” topic is cryptocurrency regulation.

Number of successful and promising cooperation’s where established with such well-known companies as Deloitte Malta, ICO Launch Malta, Blockchain Advisory Malta, Evercoin and ARQ Group, especially their Managing Director, Jean Paul Fabri, an economist at the Central Bank of Malta and advisor of Lawrence Gonzi, the Prime Minister of Malta during 2004-2013.

Supreme networking events, gathering and connecting people from all around the world, allowed us to held interesting discussions and share views and ideas with such blockchain celebrities as Miko Matsumura and Ian Balina; meeting our established star partners as CGCX and Coinstruction; and off course attending most interesting and remarkable conferences.

One of the essential conferences was held by Oxford Blockchain Foundation (OXBC), which was mostly related to government and blockchain tech with key participants in the Malta crypto / BC scene speaking up about Healthcare, GDPR, Blockchain & Governments: Bruce Jeong, Nicholas Warren, Maria Marenco, JP Fabri, Joel Semczyszyn, Mihaela Ulieru, Terence Cassar, Lynn Connolly, Celia Mifsud and Antonio Giannino.

One of the general highlight of the event was that the Virtual Financial Assets Act (Cap. 590 of the laws of Malta, the ‘VFAA’) finally came into effect. As the official date for the VFAA entry into force, is set to be remembered as a day Malta entrenched its leading role in the world of Distributed Leger Technologies and Digital Assets.

With significant media attention being drawn towards the fledgling crypto-asset industry, as well as the wider ‘token’ economy, the VFAA comes at a vital time to promote its sound development by enshrining market integrity and investor protection. Pivotal to this outcome will be the gatekeeping role entrusted to VFA Agents who will be registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), and will be required to be appointed by market players who wish to carry out IVFAOs or VFA Services.

KYCBench, firstly as a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) provider, believes that streamlining the law governing online business is a normal civilized process that will continue. Therefore, it is important to take into account popular trends and adapt business to them in a timely manner. Ignoring this will result in significant losses in the future.

Few years ago service providers, compared to banks, felt very free, but today their activities are strictly regulated, and they are forced to comply with strict requirements related to KYC and AML. Undoubtedly, the same in the near future awaits miners, mining cryptocurrency, and traders in these currencies.
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Litecoin discussion / Re: What is Litecoin?
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Litecoin mining / Re: EARN FREE BITCONS FROM PIVOT !!
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Нет ни одного реального участника, который бы сказал что все это не правда и мы кого-то обманули. А я замечу, нас более 5 тысяч участников (вместе с мультиакками конечно, но если даже поделить пополам, получается солидная цифра).

И еще раз хочу отметить. За время существование нашего проекта, мы не взяли ни копейки у пользователей, однако по своим обязательствам всегда платим.
Всех Благ!

Trading on Cryptocurrency has become a highly beneficial thing, and has taken a major space in people live, especially for Millennial. So, with such an increase in demand and popularity, why not have the best most cutting edge trading platform to trade through?

Introducing to you one such extra-ordinary creation called XERA!

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XERA is a UNIQUE and Fully integrated Cryptocurrency trading Exchange with its OWN Token! Whereas the majority of the Crypto exchange available are similar and almost built keeping the previous BEST in mind, here XERA is a FRESH and UNIQUE concept, which is not the NEXT version of some other Exchange in the market, it is THE Original Version of itself!

XERA Exchange isn’t overnight development, it is something that is done after a lot of research and in planning, and with that many noticeable projects are ALREADY finalized for the listing, along with the Exchange launch itself! And that includes DGB, IOTA, NEM, POWER, OMG, DASH, TRON, LISK, and many more coming up!

XERA exchange platform is built upon concept not just to be different, but to be POWERFUL, SECURE, SAFER and SIMPLER to use. With features that are truly revolutionary, it includes the highest level of security system available, with fastest engines to allow supper low latency and that can be verified with the “ALPHA TESTING” section. With 10% share from profits generated by trading fees dedicated and put into the reserve liquidity pool, which to ensure that liquidity remains HEALTHY in any market situation. Also, one is able to make multiple orders, as XERA supports a plethora of order types including OCO (one cancels other), Limit, Market, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stop, Fill or Kill, and Scaled. One can also do auto-trading through the XERA platform and much more!

Is XERA only offering all such features? And what other stuff XERA exactly got? It is the question majority ask when any exchanges they come across, as most people tend to just do time pass, as they are unlikely to move from their present exchange, but that’s because most exchanges they come up with is pretty much a delicate of what they ALREADY are using. With XERA, it is a piece that’s ORIGINAL and to confirm that is the comparison below, which shows where XERA stands in comparison to others in the field!

XERA is not just about that, with XERA there is so much for one to be at winning with and that due to its OWN Tokenization. The XERA token is developed on the ERC20 standard and is going to follow the Ethereum platform. With XERA Token, it will be used for traders to reduce their trading fees, and through the token buyback monetary policy, it will continue to generate additional value for their cryptocurrency portfolio.

The token will be the native currency for XERA and will be priced at $0.50 per token. But that’s not just that, as with XERA, there comes 90 seconds onboarding system, over 1 billion people can be verified instantly, liveness detection, which to ensure all signups are HUMAN and much more, which makes it truly irresistible creation!

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The on of the largest bank in the US (Bank of America) was recently awarded a patent for secure crypto key storage...
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