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Litecoin mining / Re: New awesome Litecoin cloud mining program!
« Last post by HashGains on Yesterday at 12:30:52 PM »
Hello All,

Litecoin, an altcoin of cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world and that can be efficiently mined with consumer-grade hardware. Hashgains litecoin mining offering best purchase plan for mining cryptocurrency. Their plans starts from $125 and the maintenance fee is $4.99.

https:// www.
Hello  :)
I need some help please. Some years ago i buyed LTC and stored them on Harddisk offline netbook wallet Core.
The old Netbook broke, but i have its harddisk here. I now want to send these LTC to a new wallet.
Therefore i have  downloaded Core and eletrulum-LTC. Updating Core needs over 30 hours. Is there a faster way? Importing the wallet.dat to Elecrum-LTC?
I also would use a online wallet, but registration is difficult, seems they take no new members, coinbase and .
Thank you in advance!
Gambling / YBet : YES/NO bets on simple questions
« Last post by YBet on Yesterday at 02:37:35 AM »

 8) Hello everyone

We are writing this thread to launch ,
a betting service where you can bet on YES/NO questions
with cryptocurrencies.

Example: Will Bitcoin exceed $20k before February 2018 ?
Place your bet on the answer you think is most likely ( YES or NO ).

No login nor registration required, totally anonymous!
You just need to choose you answer , the cryptocurrency you intend to use
and the wallet address where you want to receive your winning.
Then you will be asked to send a coin deposit to a specific address which we 
 link to your bet and your receiving address.

The wallets are not kept on our servers, but offline, so all your funds will be safe.
Anyway we also aim at keeping the minimum required bet amounts as low as possible,
so you don't need to commit important amounts to be able to play.
For altcoins like Litecoin, BTG and Dash, for example, the minimum bet is about half a
dollar at the current price, or a few bucks at most.
( For Bitcoin is another story, for the moment, until the network will fix the huge fee issues ).

====== ODDS ======

There is a winning calculator available to you on the site,
if you want a winning estimate before placing a bet.

For those interested, here i will outline how the calculation is done.

The winning multiplicator is calculated with a "Parimutuel" method,
i.e. odds are not fixed and decided by the betting house like in traditional bookies ( say, PaddyPower ), but they depend on :

- when you place the bet (if you place it earlier than others, you potentially win more )

- the amounts bet by the players who chose the same answer you chose ( they make your multiplicator go down )

- the amounts bet by the players who chose the opposite answer ( they make your multiplicator go up )

When the event question gets answered, the event gets resolved ,
and all the winners will share the total amount bet by the players at the opposing side.

The amount a particular winner will receive back is not only proportional to the amount he deposited,
but also to the 3 factors listed above.

If you want to dig more about the exact algorithm we use, see this FAQ:



From the Create Event section, you can propose a question to be published on the home page,
along with all the conditions that must be met in order for it to be resolved as YES or NO,
including external unbiased sources that are going to provide this information.

Example: for a trading-related event, indicate the exchange that should be used as a reference.


We are also about to create a TOR/I2P hidden service as a mirror of the site,
in order to be always online in some way, even if the website goes down or gets

TODO: we will add an anonymous discussion/comment section for each bet event

Let me know your thoughts or any issue you encounter with the service.

Thank you and keep up the good fun!
Introductions / Hey all
« Last post by YBet on Yesterday at 02:25:38 AM »
Hi i am YBet and i like both cryptocurrencies and bets.

Litecoin for the moment is one of my favourites since it has still fast transactions ( be it because there are not so many txs as Bitcoin, or because it has Segwit implemented ).

Also, i believe decentralization will let sports betting be free for the people, not monopolized and heavily taxed by the govs, which make even the betting odds be lower than expected due to the taxes and costly licences a betting house muyst pay just to open.
Important News! Vinchain ICO Dates Have Changed! During our Vinchain token presale our investors faced some issues:1. ETH network busyness made the token buying process really slow. 2. There was an unpredictable fall of the ETH network for a few days when none of transactions went through. Some our investors did not manage to make a purchase due to these circumstances. When the presale ended, we received lots of messages saying that people were not able to buy our tokens due to all these problems. That is why we decided to make our ICO longer so everyone who is interested could take part and make a purchase. Our ICO will be held from the 1st of February till the 15th of April 2018. We are sure that this will be enough for all of you to get some Vinchain tokens. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, you can do this through the telegram channel ( ) where you will get help at any time. You can talk directly to Vinchain founders and ask about all the important details. Join our whitelist ([/color][/size][/url] ) so you could be the first to get all of the most important news and updates regarding our ICO. Follow us in social media and visit our website to learn more about all the updates of our project:
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Meet Our New Valuable Advisor - Mark TaylorWe are extremely glad to say that we have made a partnership with such an experienced person as Mark Taylor, who is currently working as a head of business development department at PureCars. He is responsible for acquiring and managing strategic partnerships with the Automotive Manufacturers (OEMs). In addition, Mark identifies and manages strategic partnerships within the automotive marketing industry.Prior to PureCars, Mark spent over 15 years with AutoNation, the largest Automotive Retailer in the US. During his tenure there, Mark headed up Business Development, where he worked to identify, negotiate, implement and manage AutoNation’s online strategic partnerships. He carried out P&L responsibility for a budget of roughly $35M annually that drove top line revenues in excess of $3 Billion per annum. Was working closely with COO and SVP level executives to effectively communicate strategy, goals, and performance. He was also responsible for designing and implementation of various training and technology solutions that enhanced performance of the partnerships. During a significant period he was working closely with OEMs coordinating their digital strategies. Successfully managed a comprehensive, multi-million $ SEM program for roughly 300 locations.If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, you can do this through the telegram channel ( ) where you will get help at any time. You can talk directly to Vinchain founders and ask about all the important details. Join our whitelist ([/color][/size][/url] ) so you could be the first to get all of the most important news and updates regarding our ICO. Follow us in social media and visit our website to learn more about all the updates of our project:
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Litecoin discussion / Stretcher Elevator arise with several advantageous
« Last post by YangJane on January 16, 2018, 06:44:10 AM »
Protective pads are acceptable investments because they lower adjustment costs and bottle money in the affiliated run. You will not pay amazing Stretcher Elevator costs just because the walls are damaged. Moreover, these pads will assure you from complaints from your bartering and residential tenants.

Home elevators accept accurate to be a acceptable accessibility advantage for the elderly. Residential elevators are a allotment of the safest and a lot of reliable accessories attainable to consumers. They can accomplish your home added attainable for the age-old and the ailing or disabled associates of your ancestors while aswell accretion the bazaar bulk and architectural account of your home.

You may wish to acquisition a cast that you can assurance if it comes to installing elevator pads. Analytic for websites that activity chargeless altitude guides about indicates a acclaimed retailer. These chargeless and abundant diagrams will admonition you anticipate how the pads will be installed and what they will attending like.

Residential Elevators - A Admired Accession to Homes

- Concrete disabilities can act as a barrier if it comes to affective about a home. Aggressive the stairs can aftereffect in block and falls. An elevator makes a home added attainable for ancestors associates with adapted needs. Installing one enhances their ability and allows them to admission all the levels of their home confidently. Avant-garde elevators arise with several advantageous assurance options to acquiesce safe and bland admission to the top floors of a building.

- An elevator can accomplish activity easier for the absolute family. If you accept a alive lifestyle, installing this accessibility accent saves the time you accept to blot aggressive the stairs in your multi-level residence.

- China Car Elevator for homes arise with acceptable aggregate accommodation and can be acclimated to carriage abundant appurtenances such as furniture, groceries, and so on from attic to floor. They annihilate the blow associated with accidents and spine-related injuries that can aftereffect if abundant items are agitated manually up the stairs.
Litecoin mining / Hex Lag Screw is broadly acclimated in the industry
« Last post by YangJane on January 16, 2018, 06:38:11 AM »
Other accepted uses of screws are dry lining screws that are broadly acclimated in the industry in North America and Europe, with altered dry lining screws accepting accessible for use in altered applications such as copse or brick. These Din 571 Hex Lag Screw can either appear as a accustomed box of screws, or added about they appear as aggregate screws on a artificial belt for use with a aggregate electric screwdriver that allows the dry lining screws to be put in absolute bound with just one hand.

Some humans ahead that they can achieve just about any blazon of circling plan with annihilation but this is wrong; you wouldn't use locations you accept lying about the abode to defended your new collapsed awning TV to the wall, would you? Learning about these tiny locations is capital already you apprehend that they authority calm about aggregate about us.

Making home repairs, improvements, acclimation electronics, etc. are all tasks you are accepted to complete throughout your life, this is awful accordant to those who plan in fields such as engineering, construction, etc. but in absoluteness we don't accept to go that far aback even accouchement are consistently aggravating to "fix" the things about them, abnormally boys. Behindhand of anyone's activity there are things you just accept to apprentice to do by yourself.

Confirmat Screw: These are mainly advised for the chiffonier applications and altered types of box constructions because of their superb finish. They add added backbone to the all-embracing band applications and are aggressive to bane or any added damage.

Din 571 Hex Lag Screws : These are one of the accepted of its types that are usually fabricated of Steel, Bronze, and Copper, etc. These may usually accept a acicular base thread, a blubbery shank, and an unthreaded allocation of the head. You charge to assignment the article afore installing these types of screws into them for the optimized results.
Projects / Re: [ANN] New ICO project- Finecoin Europe’s Finest Lending Platform
« Last post by givemeltc on January 15, 2018, 10:15:55 AM »
We got listed in and got 4.0/5.0 score

Link to FineCoin's  icoreview discussion-
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