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Decentralised social graph where each content is an NFT and each creator profile is a DeFi stake pool

Many have attempted to disrupt tech giants with decentralised social networks. And this year, the context has finally made it possible. In 2021, with the mass adoption of DeFi and NFTs combined with inter-operability and scaling solutions, the Internet is now ready to move from the centralised attention economy to the decentralised creative economy.

Creators and their audiences want to own and govern their content and the platforms on which they run.

DeFi and NFT platforms that are successful today were started already in 2017, and according to multiple experts, the next revolution in Web3.0 will come from decentralized social networks, that provide the benefits of decentralization to solve major problems of social giants.

Newcoin Protocol: a new decentralised social graph to build decentralised social networks on the blockchain


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 Warren again insists on the need to regulate the crypto market

The collapse of the crypto market and disruptions on the BTC exchanges indicate the need for regulation of this area by the SEC. This opinion was voiced by US Senator Elizabeth Warren. “In a matter of hours, the $400 billion in market value simply evaporated,” the senator said. The politician cited the example of a notional retail investor who lost his money when the market went down. According to her version, he could invest right before the collapse and then take his investments. However, crypto platforms like [Censored word] were not available.

 Crypto project raised $22.8 million

The dTrade crypto derivatives platform based on Polkadot raised $22.8 million. The participants in the transaction were Polychain and Alameda together with Hypersphere, DeFiance, CMS, Divergence, MGNR, Altonomy. The received financing is intended for lending to market makers (MM), who will provide liquidity to the exchange order books. Representatives of the project claim that they have already secured the support of "the largest MM in the crypto industry." “Market makers are market participants who place orders to buy and sell certain traded assets. MM provide efficient markets by allowing traders to smoothly open and close positions at near fair prices,” the statement said.

 Cardano can rise in price several times due to a successful hard fork

The cost of Cardano can grow 3-5 times, says Nikita Soshnikov, CEO of Alfacash. He believes that more and more DeFi projects will appear on the network. This will have a positive effect on the liquidity flow. “It is difficult even to predict the timing of when such a leap is possible because it is not clear which projects will start working on the Cardano blockchain and how much they will be in demand by users,” the expert noted. He also suggested that Cardano has the potential to rise in price to $6. That is, the crypto coin can grow by 150% from the current levels.

[/size]superhouse[/size][/size]In short, the thermal insulation aluminum alloy divides the original single-piece contour into two according to the traditional aluminum alloy, and then separates the two parts together by mechanical composite means through two thermal insulation strips.[/size]Aluminum doors & windows[/size][/size]Types of heat insulation strips:
[/size]At present, there are two types of heat insulation strips used in system doors and windows on the market, one is PA66GF25 heat insulation strip, and the other is PVC heat insulation strip.
[/size]1. PA66GF25 heat insulation strip: PA66 is a series of modified engineering plastic alloys. It has a high melting point, excellent heat resistance and self-extinguishing properties. However, the unmodified PA66 material does not match the aluminum alloy in terms of tensile strength and linear expansion coefficient. Through experiments, adding 25% glass fiber to PA66 is modified into engineering plastic as the basic material of the heat insulation strip. It is better. At present, there is no new material for insulation strip that is more reasonable and economical than this one.
[/size]2. Polyvinyl chloride insulation strip: The main raw materials are polyvinyl chloride resin powder and 25% calcium carbonate.
[/size]The difference between the two:
[/size]1: Tensile strength PA66GF25 insulation strip> 126 n/mm PVC insulation strip, about 70N/mm;
[/size]2: Heat distortion temperature: pa66gf25 insulation strip, 240 degrees PVC insulation strip, 90 degrees;
[/size]3: Anti-aging: PA66GF25 insulation tape, durable, not easy to aging PVC insulation, easy to aging:
[/size]4: Expansion coefficient: PA66GF25 insulation strip, consistent with the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy PVC insulation strip, and the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy is very different.
[/size]How to identify:
[/size]1. From the perspective of gloss, the pa66gf25 surface of the broken bridge aluminum window has a frosted texture, and the color is reversed from black; but the pvc strip looks smooth and shiny, and the color is reversed from white. When they are put together, they can be clearly distinguished.
[/size]2. Is there any problem that PA66GF25 heat insulation strips do not burn, PVC heat insulation strips will burn after a while, and small flames can be seen, and they will have a general smell of plastic.
[/size]3. The PA66GF25 insulation strip is broken once or twice, and the PVC insulation strip needs to be folded more than ten times before it can be broken.
[/size]4. When the PA66GF25 insulation strip is broken, the sound is clear, the surface of the fracture is neat and not deformed after the break, and it can be repaired by butt joints.
[/size]When buying broken bridge doors and windows, in addition to paying attention to the wall thickness of the door and window profiles, glass, hardware product accessories and craftsmanship, you also need to pay attention to distinguishing the materials of the heat insulation strips for a certain period of time. If some inferior heat insulation strips are used, No matter how good your other configuration is, the life of the network will be greatly reduced.
[/size]Recommend more:Quality mould suppliers

Launching your own platform like ZedRun has been made easy with Zed Run Clone Solution. Gamesdapp as a leading NFT Game Development Company offers the affordable Zed Run Clone Script that let you to launch a Digital Horse Racing Betting Game like Zed Run.

You can deploy your own NFT Marketplace like Zed Run with White label Zed Run Clone  solutions where your NFTs(horses) run against other and pour out heavy returns. This White Label Zed Run Marketplace Clone encloses all the features and benefits to the original Zed Run NFT game. This White label Zed Run Clone marketplace are already market ready to save your time and money, and can allow to do on-demand customizations as per your requirements.

Benefits of Zed Run Clone

Stocked in game elements
A Long Run Platform
Offers a Huge Rewards
Listing of about 38000 Genesis Horses
Active reward spot holders
About 888 horses are open for sale

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Benefits of Axie Infinity Clone Script 

Customizable dashboards
Real-time Analytics
User Management
Transaction Management
High level of trust and transparency
Banking and transactions management
Referral Offers and Ad Modules

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Gambling / Grand Opening of the Largest BSC Casino
« Last post by shariarporosh on September 15, 2021, 02:44:11 PM »

Mello Token is a redistributive cryptocurrency casino token on the Binance Smart Chain that was launched in March 2021. They have recently announced that the development of their online casino, named Mello Casino, has finished and they will be launching on October 8th, 2021 at 8:08AM PST.

Mello Casino is reported to have a legal entity that will be formed and headquartered in the Central American country of Costa Rica where registration within the jurisdiction of this country legally allows them to perform all gambling-related activities. The tokenomics of Mello Token, named Mellonomics by their team, includes a 3% transaction fee on all buy, sell, and transfer transactions outside of centralized exchanges that will be redistributed to all holders. A profit-sharing program will also be implemented to give 5% of Mello Casino profits to all holders who have at least 100,000 Mello via an airdrop. Holders of Mello Token will be able to utilize their tokens anywhere in the Mello Casino environment and a variety of innovative promotions and bonuses for holders are currently underway to be ready by casino launch.

Once launched, the Mello Casino will be the largest cryptocurrency casino on the Binance Smart Chain. The team behind Mello has developed the casino with their iGame partner Gammastack, a well-known iGame company with over 8 years of iGaming experience, over 250 team members, and more than 500 projects. The Mello Casino will have over 2000 games sourced from more than 40 game providers and will include slots, table games, and sports betting among other casino games. Utilizing their sports betting platform offers an opportunity to bet on sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), and Basketball (NBA) with much more incoming.

The Mello team has also announced some very unique bonuses for their top holders. Every wallet with 1 million Mello or more by Mello Casino launch will get a limited edition 1M+ NFT offering these holders a special casino bonus which is set to be announced at a later time. It is reported that there will never be any more 1M+ NFTs minted after those given to wallets by casino launch making this a very exclusive item. This makes Mello Casino the only cryptocurrency casino that offers a utility within a casino environment for holding an NFT. In addition, all Mello Token holders who have 1 million or more Mello for at least 30 days will get a 2% profit share airdrop in addition to the 5% profit share airdrop. Holders with 1 million or more Mello will also have an opportunity to join the Millionaire Club and receive a physical card with built-in NFC technology that will give them further benefits still to be announced.

Another promotional event the Mello team has reported is the launch of an exclusive Mello NFT collection consisting of approximately 1000 NFTs with varying features and attributes. These NFTs will be priced at 1 BNB each where all profits from this collection will be reinvested back into Mello. Half of the profits are slated for direct reinvestment by adding 250 BNB into the liquidity pool and using 250 BNB to buy Mello Tokens while the other 500 BNB will be used for marketing. The Mello NFT collection is set to be released before casino launch with a date and platform to be released soon.

The most up to date information on Mello Token and the Mello Casino including details regarding the Mello NFT collection, Millionaire Club, and other promotions can be found on their

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