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Introductions / Buy the high-quality sandals and tops online
« Last post by omnifever on Today at 10:49:20 AM »

Guidelines to buy women’s sandals
The sandals have gone through a lot of changes and today you can even find very beautiful and fashionable sandals. Basically, the use of a sandal is to protect your feet from dirt, dust, heat and cold.  But nowadays, the use of a sandal is much more than just protection. It is used to complete any look. Thus, women buy sandals according to the outfits that they have. You will find many sexy sandals such as flip flop thong, wedges, high heels and many more.
While shopping for the sandals you must give the most priority to the comfort of your feet. As the sandal will hold the whole of your body weight, you must choose something that is not too tight. You must also not choose a sandal which is too loose, because it will come off from your feet while walking.
High quality
You must choose the sexy sandals that are made from very high-quality materials. When you choose high quality material for your shoe, it will allow proper air circulation and thus, there will be no accumulation of moisture in your feet and your shoes. Thus, there will be no odour.
Water resistant
You must choose shoes that are resistant to water. These shoes will last you very long and you can use it in any season. The canvas shoes are the best water-resistant shoes which you can get at
Various kinds of tops for the women
Women love to shop for different kinds of clothing. Among them the tops are their most favourite. They always want to stay fashionable and for that they need to know what is trending. Women like to wear trendy tops every season. Tops are something that can be worn at any time and at any occasion. It can also be paired with any bottom wear. Thus, it is one of the best and versatile clothing available for the women. You must be very careful with your size if you are buying tops from the online stores.
Sleeve lengths
You will find many tops in Omnifever and all the tops have different types of sleeves. You can find half sleeve, sleeveless, cold shoulder, off shoulder, etc.
Tops are also differentiated according to the necklines. You can find scoop neck, boat neck, V neck and so on.
Cut styles
You can find many trendy tops with very sexy cuts and designs. These are tailored according to each body type of women.

Goods / Cryptosada: Buy and sell anything by using cryptocurrency
« Last post by cryptooffer on Today at 10:15:12 AM »
With the irregularities being experienced by users of different online marketplaces, restrictions, and hacks faced by others, there came the need to surmount these challenges once and for all, and that was why the Cryptosada platform was created.
Cryptosada is an 100% online cryptocurrency marketplace created to correct the flaws of traditional online marketplaces that either do not accept the use of cryptocurrency for payment or are experiencing difficulties with collecting cryptocurrency as payment. The platform which is set to launch in the end of May 2019 will be the first of its kind and will bring relief to cryptocurrency users who intend to make purchases and pay with cryptocurrency. The Cryptosada platform was created to promote seamless online buying and selling while making payments with cryptocurrency. On the platform, you can purchase your favorite classic wristwatch from your favorite retailer, and make payments with cryptocurrency. It will interest you to know that you can also buy your dream supercar, electronics, artworks, etc. and make payments with cryptocurrency.
The aim is to give users an online marketplace that is easy to use while adopting the use of cryptocurrency for payments, and enhancing the security and safety of the users.
Русский (Russian) / Контейнерные перевозки
« Last post by ValdemarEtSU on Yesterday at 02:28:21 PM »
Контейнерные перевозки грузов по железной дороге
Всем,кто знаком с продвижением сайтов и закупкой ссылок,а также
с покупкой рекламы в Яндекс и Google этот СОФТ станет незаменимым
У программы есть полная документация по настройки и запуску,а также
отзывчивая техническая поддержка,уроки на Youtube,закрытый форум с поддержкой
Русского,Английского,Немецкого языков.
При покупке по данным ссылкам предоставляется скидка!!!
Вам доступно (бесплатно) регистрация и в личном кабинете у Вас будет
возможность ознакомиться с документацией перед возможной покупкой.
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Русский (Russian) / Advcash
« Last post by xmlgold_eu on Yesterday at 10:07:38 AM »
Обзор электронной платежной системы Advcash!

Популярные направления:

Купить Advcash USD EUR за SEPA EUR (Комиссия 1%)
Обменять Bitcoin на Advcash USD (Комиссия 0.5%)
Купить Advcash USD за PerfectMoney USD (Комиссия 0%)
Купить Advcash USD за Payeer USD (Комиссия 0.5%)
Обменять XMLToken USD на Advcash EUR (Комиссия 1%)

Online currency exchange "Money-Office" is a modern service, ready for daily large transactions and volumes.

The service includes a variety of currencies and payment systems at the best exchange rates: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XMR, XRP, ZEC, USDT, Yandex Money, QIWI, Visa/Master Card and many others. Making an exchange, you can withdraw your electronic money to the card of any Bank. The entire list can be found on the website, and You can ask any question to the consultant in the online chat.

  • Online exchanger has additional protection for your account;
  • You can set your own personal pin code;
  • The ability to configure the receiving e-mail alerts when authorizing;
  • Ability to set specific IP addresses of devices from which to log in;
  • In your personal account you can always view the history of all operations.

Affiliate program
At the Money Office, you can become a participant in the affiliate program.
Placing affiliate links is a great way to get passive income.

More information about the conditions of participation in the affiliate program can be found on the official website.

Online chat on the website:
Feedback form: on the website

Build & manage your football club & compete for fans against your opponents
Become the most popular club in the blockchain!
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The Crespo project, with CSO token is building a digital asset social trading platform. To launch on 04/06/2919.
Litecoin Exchange Services / Re: BestChange monitor is your exchange helper
« Last post by BestChange on May 18, 2019, 03:13:46 PM »
During the weekend our Chief Analyst decided to calculate how much on average a person could have earned on bitcoin for the last 5,5 years.

Of course, the received data cannot be absolutely accurate — otherwise we would have needed to get an access to all transactions of exchanging, appearance and disappearance of all existing during this time exchanges and exchange offices, information about private exchangings.

Our method is based on comparison of all possible options of purchase and sell for the last 1963 days (during the period between 27/12/2013 and 12/05/2019). We took all 1'925'703 possible options of purchase and sell at the average price on this day and multiplied it on the probability of making a transaction on this or that day. We established probability based on trading volume in this pair of days as relating to all trading volume for 5,5 years. We did not take into account trading within the day and possible private exchange operations. All data is available publicly and can be viewed on the site

According to our calculations, if the number of investors will tend to infinity, then on average all these investors that bought and sold bitcoin on random days for the past 5,5 years, have earned 180 per cent of their capital. It does not mean that you can earn the same in the future, or that the majority of investors have earned, and not lost, on bitcoin in the past. This is just an approximate number the investors could have earned on average during this time (somebody lost 80 per cent, when another earned 1000 per cent).

Currently bitcoin shows remarkable results again and has already overcome the $8000 mark. If you decide to buy bitcoin at the best rate, you can always find the most profitable option with the help of our monitoring

Would you find interesting calculations for other cryptocurrencies? Maybe you have advice or wishes how to improve our method?
Game / Eternalcoin Decentralized Network: Platform for Gamers
« Last post by Djlakhany on May 18, 2019, 11:00:28 AM »

The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the years, making it one of the best places to earn passive income online. A 2018 statistics showed that games were going to account for 76% of the expected $92.1 billion mobile app revenue for that year. Besides, it was projected that mobile gaming revenue of $70 billion would be generated by approximately three billion Smartphone users across the world. It was further predicted that by 2021, over $139 billion in app revenue would be generated by 3.8 Smartphone users. Also, games revenue is expected to grow up to $106.4 billion by 2021.

We give gamers hope of more revenue:

Unfortunately, despite the positive projections concerning the expected revenue growth in the gaming industry, a lot of players still find it difficult to harness this opportunity to make more money online. The difficulty comes from the restriction posed by several countries on the use of cryptocurrency for payment for gaming consoles, betting/gambling sites, and other related issues.

However, we at Eternal Inc are disrupting the existing bottlenecks by incorporating Blockchain technology into the gaming industry via our platform where developers, publishers, and gamers would both be on the winning side. We will, therefore, use our platform to bring innovations to how to play online games on mobile.

How Eternal takes care of the endless gaming challenges:

The gaming industry has witnessed a lot of problems, which has made gamers to be on the losing side, especially losing revenue under mysterious circumstances. Nevertheless, at Eternal Inc., we solve the various existing problems in the following ways:

•   Licensing issues: We allow gamers to own their assets on the Blockchain. Unlike what obtains on other platforms, gamers can earn and own cards by holding EIS here. We do not tamper with this right and do not also confiscate the gamers’ cards under any guise.
•   Fraud problem: Since it is difficult to judge the authenticity of cards, people lose an estimated 7.5% virtual items to fraud. But we ensure that card owners are not manipulated and will never lose their cards the moment they are paid for. Additionally, we are creating a user-friendly market where users who have EIS can easily buy and sell genuine cards.
•   The Problem of Constant Spending, High Cost and Slow Transaction: Our system is fast, and the cost of a transaction is one of the lowest in the industry. This minimizes the cost a gamer spends in the long run.
•   Immutability: We make use of Blockchain to ensure that records are easily identifiable and no manipulation takes place. This helps us to reduce fraud and secure the funds of the gamers who use our platform.
•   Decentralization: Transactions on the Eternal Inc platform are decentralized and entirely out of the control of third parties or intermediaries.
•   Chargebacks: No more extra burdens on merchants and scammers do not also have the chance of tarnishing the image of the game.
•   Liquidity problem: Users can quickly sell or trade their cards with several options available to them.

Revenue model:

Our prices are highly competitive and comparable to what obtains on other mobile platforms. They fall within the ranges of $0.99 and $99 and will have 5 various types of in-app purchases. What you buy determines the price you get in the long run. Our various offers are mouth-watering and will motivate newer players to start spending as soon as they join the platform. They include the following:

Growth pack price range - $0.99 to $29.99 (one-time purchase)
Weekly pack range - $5.99 to $29.99 (can be purchased once per week)
Monthly pack range -$49.99 to $99.99 (can be purchased once per month)
Daily pack range - $2.99 to $49.99 (player gets goodies every day for 15 days, similar to a subscription)
Gem pack range - $0.99 to $99.99

Benefits of Eternal Inc Network to the Gaming Industry

Some of the benefits we bring to the gaming industry include:

•   We offer gamers authority over their assets and allow them to trade between games and build a vast global community. Besides, we offer a variety of games to add spices to the gamers' appetite. Some of the games include PUBG, Fortnite, World of Iselia, and several others we hope to add in the future.
•   We will generate a massive base for traders through our games and give them access to buy and sell tokens 24/7 on different exchanges
•   With us, you have greater access to gaming contents. Apart from owning assets, gamers can create and take part in tournaments.
•   Trust and Transparency: We make all our transactions visible and transparent. Players have the right to contest where any transaction is unfair to them.
•   Share revenue: Eternal Wars players and investors are allowed to participate in sharing the revenue accruable from our full-service online card games.
•   Responsive Game Play: With a system built on Blockchain, we offer our players a highly responsive platform on which to play their games.
•   We offer adequate security for our users and their assets
•   We use scarcity to create a bustling economy inside the digital space.
•   Our token holder will experience steady growth in the value of their EIS tokens.

Eternal IEO is ongoing

The Eternal IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) starts at Latoken Exchange on 20 May 2019 and will end on 10 June 2019. During this period, Eternal will offer 195,000,000 EIS (65%) tokens for sale to the public. The preferred currencies for transaction include ETH, BTC, and LTC. 1 ETH is equivalent to 6,000 EIS. The token is an ERC20 based token, with a total supply of 300,000,000 EIS.

The expected milestone for the EIS token includes:  Development of the EIS economy into Eternal Wars List on exchanges (Q3, 2019), Alpha release of World of Iselia – Create SDK on unity for wallet (Q3, 2020), Launching of esports World of Iselia with work commencing on Chaos Drive Sync Eternal Wars, World of Iselia and Chaos Drive ecosystem (Q3, 2022).

Visit for more information
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