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   Crypo Trading Signal & crypto auto trading bot which trade automatically in your Account



Bitmex Auto trading bot which trade automatically in your account & Bitmex Trading Signal
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Всем привет!
Хочу порадовать наших участников!
Небольшой инсайд.
В течении пары недель, запустим сервис Облачного Майнинга. Это не очередной фейк, а реальный майнинг. На данный момент ждем оборудование под несколько алгоритмов + видеокарты. Технические подробности не раскрою, так как сам толком в этом не разбираюсь, но у нас есть два замечательных специалиста, которые сейчас все это реализуют.

Что же будет?
1. Купить мощности можно будет только за GRIF.
2. Будет установлен минимальный доход, прописанный в контракте. Максимальный не ограничен.
3. Длительность контракта по возможности будет без срока, но гарантированный минимальный срок 4 года.
Сейчас ведем расчеты, какой может ожидаться доход, какие расходы. Обрадую всех, розетка у нас почти бесплатная.

Для чего нам это надо? Во первых мы стараемся угодить нашим участникам, во вторых это один из первых проектов, который будет висеть на балансе ПАО "Тартария".
Пока закупили немного оборудования, потому что не знаем, будет ли спрос, да и попробовать надо...
В общей сложности, на покупку оборудования пока выделено 3 миллиона рублей. Следите за новостями!
Всех Благ Друзья!


Выплата с форума
103 GRIF


NetCurrency IndexProtocol – The Benchmark - Presale for wordls first Index ETF + Coin opens 26.Okt
The idea oft the NCI Index Family ist to measure the entire Blockchain sector ,like the S&P500 Index does for the US Stock Market
The NetCurrency Index Family setting new Standards and has become   the Benchmark for the Cryptocurrency and related Blockchain  Industry

NetCurrencyis starting  its  PreSale oft he worlds first Index ETF + coins at 26. Okt and will launch the Worlds´s FIRST Crypto Index ETF+ Coin ,which  covers over 99% of the current  Cryptocurrency Market Worldwide by marketcab ranking, enabling the participant to stay updated all the time about the strongest Cryptocurencies and growing  ICOs from the Blockchain sector in an automatic way.
With our visionary and revolutionary Netcurrency Index ETF + coin you  get the +boost  by monthly paid dividend directly in your coin from our Cryptocurrency  ADTS  Arbitrage trading System
Thats the best product on the Cryptocurrency  market ever to participate in best secured and low risk way

The NetCurrency IndexProtocol is the the best and saftest way to invest in the Crypto Currency Market
                                               STAY UPDATED !

The market of digital cryptocurrencies can not be measured
by the standards we know from the usual financial markets.
The rapidly evolving market, with its steady changes, also requires responses
that match the pace of development.
We are now living through a blockchain revolution.
The Natural calculation basis of the individual Indices NCI 30, NCI 100, NCI 500
is owed on the one hand to the far-reaching market capitalization of the
cryptocurrencies in the Indices, on the other hand also to the
requirements of the market itself.
You go all the time with the strongest Cyptocurrencies in each index and you will participate automatically from all growing Ico´s
from ALL  Industry sectors .
You get paid Dividend from your Coin and participate also directly from out new Hybrid
Crypto Ecxchange which is currently under development

NetCurrency IndexProtocol
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Newbies / Double Your Bitcoin Every Hour Using This Mining Machine
« Last post by cryptooffer on October 19, 2018, 05:41:56 AM »

Dear readers my name is Simon Vlad and i am the founder of Double Your Bitcoin !
. I want show to how to double your bitcoin every hour for free, before getting started i want to share with you who i am and how it works. I found this profitable company 3 years ago.

Since i got started in bitcoin industry, i was struggling to earn bitcoin, but i have failed many times after doing lots of hard work I developed my own bitcoin mining machine. You can see my screenshot below i have generated over 2714 bitcoins in 2016. That is more than $2 million dollars for free.


You can check my bitcoin mining farm below:



Here are some of our user’s like you making huge bitcoin profits every hour


Minimum Deposit Is 0.01 And Maximum Is 30 Bitcoins

If you deposit 0.01 bitcoin you will receive 0.022 within one hour
If you deposit 0.05 You will receive 0.12 bitcoin within one hour
If you deposit 1 bitcoin you will receive 1.5 Bitcoin within one hour
If you deposit 15 bitcoin you will receive 30 Bitcoin within one hour

We are very excited to share this great opportunity to double your bitcoin every hour!

We are located in Costa Mesa, Ca United States

We built this powerful machine to help myself make a lot of bitcoins. i have made enough bitcoins and still making hundreds of bitcoins every month for free.

Why i am sharing this system in public is because i want to help more people to test my powerful machine for free and it doesn’t matter how much that you want to double your bitcoin using my machine. If your interested deposit bitcoin 0.03 to get started and make your bitcoin double free. We charge 0.0001 fee for transactions and are machine doesn't fail.




The Minimum Deposit Is 0.03
You Can Deposit Between 0.03 To 30 BTC To Double Your Bitcoin

Once You Made The Deposit Please Email Us The Screen Shot Of The Transaction With your Wallet Address For Verification Your Transaction And We Will Send Your Profit Back

Contact Us:-

Here is a screenshot from one of our users, Steve. He invested his 0.5 bitcoin and he turned 0.5 bitcoin to 23 bitcoins in one day. I was very proud of him.


This website was updated on 10/1/2018. Monthly Check Done


Have a good day and God Bless!

Double Your Bitcoin !

We are looking for miners/mining pools to test our merged mining with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
If you're interested in, please send us an email:
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