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Alternative cryptocurrencies / Simplermine: Mine Cryptocurrency with Ease
« Last post by Djlakhany on December 12, 2018, 10:54:09 AM »

Mining is one of the best ways that cryptocurrency enthusiasts have continued to earn digital currencies for years. The good news is that you can mine cryptocurrency from the comfort of your home with Simplermine and take off the stress associated with mining.

Simplermine is a mining platform that offers easy-to-use mining technique for all levels of cryptocurrency miners: amateurs and experts. The cloud mining services offered by the platform gives cryptocurrency miners a better alternative to the traditional mining techniques.

What are the features of this new and efficient mining platform? A couple of its outstanding features that contribute significantly to its overall performance include:
1.   Super fast mining

You don’t have to wait for days before you start mining on the platform. Invest in the platform and you can start mining some seconds after paying the regular mining charges.

2.   Daily earnings

While some mining platforms have a stipulated earning amount before you can have an access to your cryptocurrency, Simplermine makes instant withdrawal possible since you don’t have a threshold to meet before you are eligible for withdrawal.

3.   Innovative mining technology

You will have a feel of the latest mining technology while mining on this platform. The innovative technology ensures that you won’t lack the basic tools you need to maximize your mining opportunity.

4.   Transparency

Some mining platforms attract potential miners with their attractive mining fees but make up for the low mining fees with some hidden charges that will eventually hike up the fees. Simplermine is aware of the negative impact of hidden charges and doesn’t charge more than the charging fee that is made available on their website for all and sundry to see.

These and many other compelling reasons underscore the benefit of cryptocurrency mining on Simplermine and why it is a wise move to consider mining on the platform.

Great Return on Investment:

If you want to earn more digital currencies, head over to Simplermine and mine your preferred digital coin with ease. You stand a good chance of earning up to 6.5% profit on Bitcoin mining daily.

Simplermine does the mining work and relieves you of the stress of mining while you earn your profit from the comfort of your home.

Only a few businesses can boast of such high return on investment. With Simplermine, you earn your profits on a daily basis and can even request for withdrawal of your earnings within 4 hours after they are earned.

How to start mining on Simplermine:

If you are convinced of the huge benefits offered by this platform, you may wish to join the platform and start mining digital currencies of your choice as soon as possible.

However, to be eligible for this, there is a simple procedure to follow. Consider this:

1.   Sign up

This is obviously the first step. When you sign up, you are creating a personal account that will give you access to the tools and other mining resources on the platform.

•   When you click the “Sign Up” button at the right upper side of the main page, this sign up form will pop up:

•   Fill the form as accurate as possible. Click “Create Account” when you are through.
•   You will receive a message to visit your email for account verification. Do this without delay.
•   Click “Confirm Email Address” to authenticate your email address.
•   Click “Complete Registration” to complete your registration and have the opportunity to proceed with mining.

2.   Save and use your Bitcoin wallet address

After clicking this, you will be taken to your dashboard where you will be given a Bitcoin wallet address you are encouraged to save for future use.

You can proceed with your mining after saving your Bitcoin wallet address and enjoy mining with the best mining platform: Simplermine.

Visit for more!

Alternative cryptocurrencies / Navigate to the in-flight revolution
« Last post by cryptooffer on December 11, 2018, 11:54:11 AM »

Skynavpro™ is a planning and navigation software integrated in a specially developed hardware for communication, collision avoidance and live tracking for general aviation. It is the first product in the world which successfully combines these extremely useful features in a single and portable box that can be cost efficiently mass-produced. Our longterm goal is to develop an extensive system-level integrated cockpit architecture based upon portable devices. The software, consisting of an online planning and navigation application, is offered free of charge. For additional and premium services (such as live weather data, collision alerts, worldwide tracking with integrated SOS feature) the specially designed and developed hardware is required. The hardware will be available in a variety of models on our online shop as well as through certified partners. Throughout central Europe skynavpro™ is an already well-established brand and hardware prototypes are already developed. Due to its system level integration concept it can easily fit in any manned and unmanned aircraft (e.g. drones, UAV’s).
Therefore, Dacher Systems GmbH plans the initiation of an ICO. The proceeds of which will be directed towards the development of a new blockchain-operated flight-planning and tracking platform as well the production of the first units for mass market. This will be launched worldwide through several phases. The platform is unique and has the potential to establish itself as a standard in general and business aviation.

website :

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Global Property Register is the FIRST and ONLY UNIVERSAL PROPERTY REGISTER built on the Blockchain and powered by Artificial Intelligence.
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YOU will get 10 XRX FREE for EVERY FRIEND you refer.
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Newbies / Re: News See the Donald List for the latest best information on altcoins
« Last post by cryptooffer on December 10, 2018, 05:07:20 PM »

EOS Global Hackathon Starts its Grand Finale Week in Cape Town

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« Last post by ArtyBuimb on December 10, 2018, 02:33:25 PM »
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We allocated 50,000,000 BOM Tokens for this Airdrop campaign, which will be distributed WITHIN 12 to 36 hours to the participants!

The Campaign has started from 1st December and will last till all 50,000,000 BOM Tokens are distributed!

Every participant who successfully completes the requirements will be rewarded with upto 1000 ($10) BOM Tokens

We will reward people according to the work they do. Each Step is paid for, so IF you do 1 step and leave other steps, you will be paid only that much. If you do few steps, you will be paid only for those step completed. So, the MAXIMUM you can gain is 1000 ($10) BOM Tokens, while the MINIMUM you can gain is 100 ($1) BOM Tokens.

1 BOM = 0.01 USD


1. Every participant must sign-up at and make a comment about us on Bitcointalk forum: - 200 BOM Tokens ($2)
2. Follow, Like and Retweet our pinned tweet on our twitter account: and also follow our CEO's twitter account: - 200 BOM Tokens ($2)
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7. Join, Like and Share First post on our Google+ community: - 100 BOM Tokens ($1)

Double check your ERC-20 address which you submit on the form at the website, this cannot be changed.

Any application with improper information will be disqualified without notice (i.e. Multiple alts, scam and etc...)

If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any rewards.
All rights reserved by Buyyom team, Team can make any changes to rules or terms and conditions, if applicable. You can contact us here on Bitcointalk for any kind of assistance.

By signing up for this airdrop campaign, you're accepting these above terms

If any of the participants have confusion on How to join the Airdrop, we have created easy way for everyone to understand. With Screenshots available now for each of the step that you could get reward for. So, please check it and follow it to make participating on Airdrop easier!




All participants can gain further by Referring others, through the Referral link available on your Buyyom Dashboard.

On during the Airdrop and ICO Phases, we are offering referral bonus to everyone for every successful Airdrop signup and/or Token Purchase.

With every user that joins through your referral link, we reward you with 100 BOM Tokens = 1$ per referral

Plus the 50% bonus tokens for every purchase during the Airdrop phase for the users.

Minimum buying limit is 20$ = 2000 token + 1000 Token 50% bonus + Upto 1000 Airdrop Bonus

50% Bonus available only for members who participates in Airdrop Campaign

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Learn bitmex currency trading basic course when to buy sell in market & how to make consistent profit You may see above the BOT has the feature to copy Bitmex VIP Signals on your Bitmex account as well as has an unique feature wherein it trades automatically as per trend (if you enable it) It trades as per take profit, stop loss & scalps as per the trend to make daily trade & regular profit


|| |||

Our token Buyyom (BOM) is currently being developed as an ERC 20 token leveraging the Ethereum Network. We want to start initially as a centralized exchanged offering people some cutting-edge features which are integral in making the trading experience smoother and tracking the portfolio of your holdings much easier.

Buyyom is built with service in mind. Buyyom shares support responsibilities across the entire staff and company. When a trader has a problem, they get an answer directly from someone who knows the system and more. Poor internationalization and language support BlockChains have no borders. Most exchanges focus only on one language or one country. Our international multi-lingual team has extensive working experience in North America, Europe and Asia, and we are able to smoothly support the global market.


Buyyom’s matching engine can sustain an astounding volume of 1650000 orders/ second, making it one of the fastest independent exchanges in market today. We can assure you that our state of the art matching engine will ensure that your orders are executed when you want them to be.


We will support currency conversion powered by shapeshift to help convert directly in our exchange without hefty extra fees. The user can directly convert the said currency into their desired supported currency and can have the withdrawal directly into their wallet saving in on the double fee and the long route to initial trading and then taking a withdrawal from exchange hitting with double fees.


[/color]We plan to partner in future with credit and debit card providers to ensure that our customers can buy cryptocurrency as easy as an Amazon or eBay transaction. This means they can expect a saving on their every transaction, be it to purchase and withdraw this help decrease the friction and help in the liquidity of their funds.


[/color]We will make intuitive and easy stop loss and profit taking system that ensures that you are not left guessing how to place proper stop losses. This makes sure that the user can use the interface intuitively and can use percentage based values to update their stop loss or stop.


[/color]We will make it easy for our customers to track their portfolios as well as ROI while giving them a clear easy to understand interface.

[/color]5: BUY SELL: PEER TO PEER Exchange

[/color]Peer to Peer exchange facilitated by our platform to ensure security. Users can create advertisements with the price and the payment method they want to offer. You can browse our Peer to Peer for local and offline trades’ advertisements and search for a payment method you prefer. We will act simply as an Escrow service being a mediator between two exchangers ensuring transparency and safer trades with minimum risk of fraud.

[/color]6: Buyyom Matching Engine

[/color]Buyyom’s matching engine can sustain an astounding volume of 1650000 orders/ second, making it one of the fastest independent exchanges in the market today. We can assure you that our state of the art matching engine will ensure that your orders are executed when you want them to be.


[/color]Distribution of BOM Tokens will take place within 12 to 36 hours of purchase or earned to the individuals. It is the shortest timeframe in the history of ICOs for Token distributions.


[/color]You will be able to withdraw the purchased Buyyom Tokens on an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet set in the account settings BOM token distribution chart is as below:


[/color]BOM Token will be launched as an ERC20 token. The initial Price of the Token would be 0.01 $ along with attractive Pre ICO discounts:






Newbies / Re: News See the Donald List for the latest best information on altcoins
« Last post by cryptooffer on December 09, 2018, 02:10:08 PM »

Huawei Announces Global Blockchain Services. This service allows global entrepreneurs and developers to create, deploy and manage blockchain applications on Huawei Cloud, at a blistering pace and cheaper cost. Per the announcement, the global launch of BCS will also lay the groundwork for a soon to be released distributed global blockchain platform.
Newbies / Re: News See the Donald List for the latest best information on altcoins
« Last post by Djlakhany on December 08, 2018, 05:16:56 PM »
You need to be extremely careful with Cryptos, as you really can’t make money through it unless you are very sharp and on the spot through it. I do like trading on Cryptos but my first preference is Forex and therefore, I track up usd to try forecast, which allows me the map to know how things could turn up and then to trade accordingly. However, this is just not about Forex, but even Cryptos we can do SAME thing, and then that too can be equally cool.
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