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Litecoin mining / Hex Lag Screw is broadly acclimated in the industry
« Last post by YangJane on January 16, 2018, 06:38:11 AM »
Other accepted uses of screws are dry lining screws that are broadly acclimated in the industry in North America and Europe, with altered dry lining screws accepting accessible for use in altered applications such as copse or brick. These Din 571 Hex Lag Screw can either appear as a accustomed box of screws, or added about they appear as aggregate screws on a artificial belt for use with a aggregate electric screwdriver that allows the dry lining screws to be put in absolute bound with just one hand.

Some humans ahead that they can achieve just about any blazon of circling plan with annihilation but this is wrong; you wouldn't use locations you accept lying about the abode to defended your new collapsed awning TV to the wall, would you? Learning about these tiny locations is capital already you apprehend that they authority calm about aggregate about us.

Making home repairs, improvements, acclimation electronics, etc. are all tasks you are accepted to complete throughout your life, this is awful accordant to those who plan in fields such as engineering, construction, etc. but in absoluteness we don't accept to go that far aback even accouchement are consistently aggravating to "fix" the things about them, abnormally boys. Behindhand of anyone's activity there are things you just accept to apprentice to do by yourself.

Confirmat Screw: These are mainly advised for the chiffonier applications and altered types of box constructions because of their superb finish. They add added backbone to the all-embracing band applications and are aggressive to bane or any added damage.

Din 571 Hex Lag Screws : These are one of the accepted of its types that are usually fabricated of Steel, Bronze, and Copper, etc. These may usually accept a acicular base thread, a blubbery shank, and an unthreaded allocation of the head. You charge to assignment the article afore installing these types of screws into them for the optimized results.
Projects / Re: [ANN] New ICO project- Finecoin Europe’s Finest Lending Platform
« Last post by givemeltc on January 15, 2018, 10:15:55 AM »
We got listed in and got 4.0/5.0 score

Link to FineCoin's  icoreview discussion-
Projects / Re: [ANN] New ICO project- Finecoin Europe’s Finest Lending Platform
« Last post by givemeltc on January 14, 2018, 02:32:24 PM »
New post on our blog- Meet Our Team-
Projects / Re: [ANN] New ICO project- Finecoin Europe’s Finest Lending Platform
« Last post by givemeltc on January 12, 2018, 09:25:20 AM »
The project looks very promising. I love that you offer withdraw from the start, ucoincash still don't have that 1 month after ico ended.

Thank you for your kind words, it's great to hear that.

By the way, we have developed a bounty program for those who want to participate in the project creation. You can read more info about it on our blog-

There are many upcoming ICOs that we talk about every way and invest on. But there is NOTHING like Recereum, it is certainly an opportunity for gaining money, but more than that, it is an opportunity to push the world into a better place!

It is common to see people throwing away garages any and everywhere, which contributes to environmental pollution and also hazardous to life. But now, there is a solution that will help people to contribute to a healthier, cleaner and a safer environment and that with also earning good money for it only through Recereum!

Recereum offers a new motivational ecosystem platform, which is based on the latest blockchain technology. With their platform, it will be possible to turn waste, garbage, and recyclable into real value! Their ecosystem is not just an alternative waste recycling plant or a garbage collecting machine, but it is a mission to motivate people into making the world cleaner for not just themselves but for the whole humanity and the upcoming generation!

This is the time to come forward and join this movement called Recereum, which promises to change the world in a way never done before! It is all through helping people understand how important it is to care about nature and make their habits right, it’s all about the SMALL step that can change everything and even for that there will be rewards given! And, that includes the Coins to be used for the discount in the bill of energy, gas, garbage disposal, and in other services of partners or even just a cup of coffee!

So let us cross our heart and promise to our self to make this world a better place for the upcoming generation, and to get rid of the pollution that is slowly killing the planet! Be part of this positive change, be part of Recereum!

Get in early at Recereum with the Pre-sale phase active, it will enable you to get a huge bonus of 40% with the purchase! It ends on 25th January 2018, so join in before or you will be left to regret

Now you can check for further info from here –

Official Website –

One page –

Whitepaper –

Legal token sale –

Social Media Links –

- Bitcointalk:
- Facebook:
- YouTube:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:
- Github:
Projects / Re: [ANN] New ICO project- Finecoin Europe’s Finest Lending Platform
« Last post by Swordfish12 on January 10, 2018, 01:15:43 PM »
The project looks very promising. I love that you offer withdraw from the start, ucoincash still don't have that 1 month after ico ended.
Alternative cryptocurrencies / Join The Dole Coin Charity Movement
« Last post by Djlakhany on January 10, 2018, 09:17:31 AM »
Wondering how to join the Dole coin charity movement? Worry no longer. This post will explain what the charity movement is all about and when it will start.

Dole Coin Charity movement (DCM) is a fully funded charity movement where DCM sponsors campaigns in helping and providing basic needs to those in need at different locations all over the world. The movement will be covered on social media and Dole coin official website. The movement is scheduled to commence middle of 2018. Visit their website for more information.
Do you know that the stock market is currently not as profitable as the crypto market? If you don’t know; then be informed that cryptocurrency is the next generation investment platform that a lot of people are enjoying more than stocks.

It represents over 220 Billion dollar market. It is traded globally on sleepless markets. It has no governmental influence or control. In view of the above, Pure Investments is offering a reliable platform to invest in cryptocurrency. In addition, they run an educational haven to tutor newbies on how to get started.
We have added 2 new exchanges to our listing:

1. Huobi - 84 markets.
2. Liqui - 174 markets.
Litecoin discussion / Re: Looking to buy litecoin with BTC
« Last post by Djlakhany on January 09, 2018, 01:26:25 PM »
If you have friends or acquaintances who need to laundry their bitcoins, here is a suitable service for this, there is a referral system, under the link you will receive up to 65% of the commission from the bitcoin mixer's profits. Try it
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