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Payment processing / What is Payeer and how does it work?
« Last post by xmlgold_eu on August 21, 2018, 01:55:18 PM »
Read the Payeer Payment System's Review: "Learn more about the payment system Payeer!".

In this review, you will find the following information:
- What Payeer is;
- What the deposit and withdrawal options at Payeer payment system are;
- What benefits you could get by using Payeer payment system;
- Overview of the Payeer payment system tools;
- And more...

Read the full review here:
Litecoin Exchange Services / What is Payeer and how does it work?
« Last post by xmlgold_eu on August 21, 2018, 01:54:31 PM »
Read the Payeer Payment System's Review: "Learn more about the payment system Payeer!".

In this review, you will find the following information:
- What Payeer is;
- What the deposit and withdrawal options at Payeer payment system are;
- What benefits you could get by using Payeer payment system;
- Overview of the Payeer payment system tools;
- And more...

Read the full review here:
Alternative cryptocurrencies / DNAtix – The Future Of Genetics Is Here
« Last post by Djlakhany on August 20, 2018, 08:55:11 PM »


DNATIX intends to create a future ecosystem for Genetics where consumers, researchers, laboratories and clinics operate making Genetics more accessible, transparent and anonymous. DNAtix intends to offer cutting-edge Genetics and Blockchain services which intend to be anonymous and encrypted and intends to include: analysis, storage and transfer of digitized DNA sequences through a Direct-to-Consumer platform (D2C).

DNAtix intends to sell a crypto Token – DNAtix token, that intends to support future development and use of its DNAtix genetic platform. The DNAtix platform intends to enable users to upload partial or full genomic sequences in an easy and anonymous manner. It intends to allow genetic tests to be performed and intends to offer clients the opportunity to get referrals to an appropriate solution provider for tested genetic conditions. DNAtix intends to enable its users to take ownership of their genetic data, encouraging them to manage their health today, moving from Reactive to Preventative medicine.

Our Technology

Our Services


DNAtix intends to be at the forefront with its technology:


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently allowed 23andMe to market 10 genetic tests direct to consumers. These tests include health-related genetic tests for Parkinson, Celiac and Alzheimer’s disease (1). This first approval will enable other companies including DNAtix, to offer genetic services directly to clients. DNAtix is currently the only company that offers a working platform performing digital analysis, storage, and transfer of DNA sequences soon to implement an encrypted block-chain technology.


The costs of Full Genome Sequencing are dropping. What was once completed at a cost of $3.5 billion and required 13 years, will very soon be offered at the price of $100 and will be completed in just a few hours (2,3).


Up until now, there has been no way to provide anonymous, direct to consumer genetic services. The DNAtix token will enable, for the first time, an anonymous and secure method for analysis, transfer, storage, and payment of DNA sequences. This white paper presents our strategy for becoming the leading company in the D2C genetic services space.


We in DNAtix believe that the blockchain technologies being developed by the company should become available to all players in the genetic ecosystem. This includes Genetic counselors, genetic laboratories, hospitals, health care providers, research institutes and R&D companies. For that purpose, DNAtix’s founders intend to establish a foundation which will develop and deploy the dedicated genetic blockchain. The foundation intends to promote the development of genetic decentralized and tools to the world. By empowering developers and researchers, we intend to produce next-generation decentralized Genetic applications (GDAPPS).

The DNAtix Genetic ecosystem will invite other players to collaborate in advancing genetic applications and solutions.

DNAtix intends to build the genetic ecosystem of the future that will eventually bring to the world new possibilities in genetic preventive and personalized medicine. The ecosystem that will emerge will support different players participating in it. It will form new and exciting grounds for genetic research. DNAtix believes that by merging genetics and blockchain the next phase of genetics where people can stay anonymous but still have access to the important knowledge of genetics. Among potential participants making use of the DNAtix genetic ecosystem are genetic labs, genetic research institutes, genetic researchers, hospitals, companies that provide full genome sequencing, crypto-miners and etc...


The initial DNAtix Token is an Ethereum based token which will be used in the DNAtix Genetic Ecosystem. The initial DNAtix Token is created on the basis of the ETH standard ERC20. This standard guarantees that the token will work in the Ethereum blockchain in a predictable manner. Based on this standard, more than 8,000 tokens have been released. For more information please look at this: Our smart contract for token release will be available soon at:

DNAtix intends to develop the most innovative Genetic crypto-wallet that is intended to enable different kinds of users of the ecosystem to perform and pay for different Genetic services. The DNAtix Genetic Wallet is intended to connect the two worlds of Genetics and Blockchain. Through the wallet, users can upload DNA sequences to the DNAtix Blockchain.

Total DNTX Tokens to be issued: 150,000,000

- Initial Token Type: Ethereum ERC-20
- Token smallest portion: 0.0000000001 DNAtix token = 1 NUCLEI
- 15% of tokens will be locked up for 12 months – a total of 22,500,000 Tokens. All locked up Tokens will be released to the Foundation for supporting the foundation activities.
- The company’s goal is to sale up to $30,000,000 in total.
- Purchases will be available with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and more.

DNAtix will publish the different wallets addresses for the Pre-Sale and Public
Token Sale at a later stage.




Litecoin mining / Re: Cudaminer Windows full guide
« Last post by VenoshMug on August 20, 2018, 06:59:32 AM »
Hello. And Bye.

Tokenized global crowdfunding ecosystem providing traders with aftermarket liquidity

The LiquidTrade team has been a pioneer since 2009 in architecting and developing technology solutions for online crowdfunding, providing custom branded reliable solutions for SMEs and enterprise customers to launch their own fundraising portals. This is the original CrowdForce team and continues on its mission since 2009, of providing this cutting-edge solution for users to transact in an alternative crowdfunding investment model. The team's software tools have always been highly successful, and have raised over $250ml over 18 months for its web operators. This original CrowdForce team has re-formed and established LiquidTrade, including its seasoned development team, with expertise in the blockchain, crowdfunding software, securities, and compliance.

Historically the crowdfunding market has been monopolized by American based platforms and operating under the most heavily regulated securities market in the world. However, the USA realistically only represents 10-15% of the world population, with another 85-90% unserved by this technology. Asia, Africa, and Latin America do not have access to the same coverage of crowdfunding technology, and yet they are the segment of global demographics that are growing the quickest and could certainly utilize this technology, along with blockchain, to boost GDP and succeed even quicker. This is the market that we intend to serve, as new crowdfunding regulations are being passed monthly for new regions.



Cutting Edge Technology


We believe that LIQUID tokens offer investors a unique opportunity to own a "cryptocurrency" with a guaranteed path to increased value, as well as to become part of a game-changing crowdfunding, investing and trading ecosystem which reaches all parts of the globe and new diverse opportunities. Her is a brief overview of how LIQUID works:

Anyone can register on LiquidTrade to view and invest in deals. Tokens are required on LiquidTrade (LIQUID) for advanced functionality and offer other features for and membership levels

1:Tokens are required for membership levels based on investment levels annually, gives access to highest ROI deals
2: Tokens are required for investors to "offload" onto the LiquidTrade Marketplace
3: Tokens are required for trader access to the LiquidTrade Marketplace
4: LIQUID tokens are the proprietary method to pay fees required for Fundraisers to generate "rewards tokens" for rewards crowdfunding campaigns, Issuers generate "security tokens" for their capital raises, or users take part in any of the other above activities. Although other cryptocurrencies will be accepted to pay fees, they will incur a surcharge to use.
5: LIQUID is fixed and no new tokens will be generated after the Token Sale. Any unsold tokens from the Token Sale will be burned, reducing the total supply of tokens.


Currently crowdfunding platforms are finding that their investors would prefer to have liquidity on their investments in crowdfunded deals. There exists a vacuum for a new portal that will allow them to resell securities among other investors, thereby allowing them more flexibility in their investment portfolio, bringing private investments in line with their public portfolios.




We, at Boost, are a team of business minds and software engineers, that have been part of the CrowdForce corporation, and the original group of pioneers that developed white-label crowdfunding software since 2009, to distribute to organizations that have unique business models to operate crowdfunding portals for capital raising.

Our team is certified and experienced in architecting and developing both crowdfunding platforms, and also in blockchain theory and development. Our engineers have built numerous small to large scale applications in Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, MultiChain, and PostChain, in addition to Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity. We have experience with ICO ERC20 token launch platforms for clients and are bringing that knowledge to this project. For full team listings, see our Whitepaper.


Cryptocurrencies have become highly popular and a major part of an investor’s life, especially youngsters. But still, there are very limited options that can be presented as worthy to invest for people.

So, with seeing so much trouble for investors, we have come across something that is going be path-breaking and is going to give everyone an opportunity of the lifetime!

Introducing to you NetCurrencyIndex.

Netcurrencyindex is the Worlds First Visionary Cryptocurrency Index from all kind of Marketstages with the Crypto Index Family, NCI30, NCI100, and NCI500. It has become the Benchmark for the Crypto Industry and the entire Blockchain sector.

Netcurrencyindex is soon going launch the World’s FIRST Crypto Index ETF Coin, which will cover over 99% of the Cryptocurrencies markets worldwide, enabling the participant to stay updated all the time about the strongest Cryptocurrencies (through Marketcap) and growing ICOs from the Blockchain sectors in an automatic way.

And with the visionary Netcurrency Index ETF Coin, you will also become part of their next generation Hybrid Exchange called "New Colsio Crypto". With Colsio - Home of Crypto - The New World Exchange, people will get dividends by earning through fees and payment platform with over 600 Crypto pairs & over 150 Crypto CFD’s and Binary Options. Send and receive payments by the independent QuitBOX system. Anywhere to everywhere.

The performance of the NetCurrency IndexProtocol Family is exemplary in last 1 year!

With earning reaching 2-3x to the initial investment, it makes it one of the GREATEST Crypto Product in the market. And there is also an expert educational program available, which allows everyone to easily figure out the Blockchain technology and the Crypto industry in general.

So, come and be part of this exciting journey where everyone is going to be a WINNER!

Get further details from below:

Official Website:


Social Media Links:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
Alternative cryptocurrencies / FREE ETH
« Last post by nyeff on August 18, 2018, 12:32:46 AM »

Hi guys I hope you are doing good.

Ok I want to share on how to earn ETH free. But well, you gotta work for it.
ICOFORUMS.NET is doing their giveaways.
Here are the list of the contests:
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Too many ways to get free ETH right ?
Then go here to see more detailed explanations about the contest.
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Приобрести итальянские ткани в России сейчас не легко. Несмотря на то, что достаточно много фирм продают венецианские ткани, многие из тканей являются подделками. Чтобы найти настоящий магазин миланских тканей, необходимо постараться. Если вам необходимы ткани для пошива качественной одежды, вам надо позвонить к специалистам.
На продаются дорогие ткани высокого качества и устроены настоящие профессионалы. Весь текстиль был разработан в Италии, после чего его привезли в Российскую Федерацию. Дом тканей в России очень популярен. Вы можете приобрести натуральные изделия от известных итальянских производителей. Если вам нужны ткани для мужского пиджака или женского платья, именно магазин популярных тканей оснащен такими материалами. Отборные материалы в РФ сегодня в моде. Именно по этой причине много людей подделывают трикотажные изделия и выдают их за оригинал известных мировых производителей.
Отличить качественные материалы невероятно трудно от липы. Но, если вам необходимо заказать эксклюзивные материалы для пошива нарядов, вам потребуется большая подборка тканей, которую вы можете просмотреть на веб-странице фирмы. Именно на портале содержатся известные материалы 2018 года, которые разработаны по всем стандартам качества. Если вы перейдёте на сайт, у вас будет желание приобрести дорогие кружева. Они безумно красивые и приятные. С помощью этого трикотажа вы сможете изготовить аксессуары для дома или одежду для своих близких.
Фирма сотрудничает как с частными лицами, так и с известными предприятиями, которые работают в Российской Федерации. Известные материалы из Италии довезти могут далеко не все. Именно из-за этого, если вы обратитесь в организацию, у вас будет шанс заказать ткани высокого качества. А самое главное – эти изделия будут неповторимыми.
Фурнитура и аксессуары невероятно известны в 2018 году. Много популярных производителей фурнитуры пользуются услугами организации "Тиссура" и заказывают ткани для своих заказов. Отметим и то, что вы можете забронировать изделия и со скидкой. Предприятие постоянно проводит распродажи на новые коллекции.
Если вам нужны ткани для пиджаков, то вы можете подобрать материалы любого цвета. Сегодня костюмные материалы купить можно со скидкой. Отметим, менеджеры посодействуют подобрать вам сорочечные изделия и пальтовые ткани. Велюр для мужских сорочек вы можете приобрести разного цвета. Отборные материалы также реально выбрать для сорочек. Среди трикотажа, которые идут для сорочек часто возможно встретить новинки. Однако, их важно бронировать за пару дней. Ключевая причина, их часто раскупают.
С содействием тканей, которые вы можете заказать в фирме, вам удастся сделать свадебное платье. Достаточно много ателье, которые занимаются сегодня свадебными платьями, приобретают изделия в компании "Тиссура". Если вам необходимы деловые ткани для Нового Года, выбрать такие материалы можно также, проконсультировавшись с администраторами. Они подскажут как выбрать модные и яркие ткани.
Итальянские изделия очень распространены и по причине их высокого качества. Если вам нужны ткань для изготовления роскошного итальянского платья, то организовать это реально у нас на сайте. С содействием итальянских тканей вы можете изготовить платье индивидуально или обратиться в студию.
Для выбора женских или мужских изделия вам достаточно установить связь с консультантами фирмы по телефону +7(812)2338948. Фирма находится по адресу Санкт-Петербург, Большой проспект П.С. 22-24. Если вам необходима консультация по любым вопросам, сотрудники охотно предоставят ответ и помогут выбрать необходимые ткани. По контактным данным вас также проинформируют о наличии тканей и о действующих скидках.
Spend litecoins / Buy and sell gift cards, vouchers with Litecoin!
« Last post by BuySellVouchers on August 17, 2018, 05:12:02 PM »
The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase now offers a way for customers to purchase retail goods and services using cryptocurrency, thanks to a new partnership with a digital gift card startup - WeGift.

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