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Payment processing / Bitcoin Cash is temporarily unavailable!
« Last post by ALFAcoins on November 15, 2018, 12:36:41 PM »

Dear ALFAcoins customers!

We wanted to provide an update on proposed changes to the Bitcoin Cash network and what that means for Bitcoin Cash stored on ALFAcoins.

You can read more about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork here:
For your safety stopped accepting Bitcoin Cash payments from 15-11-2018 until the situation is resolved.
Stay tuned!

Thank you,
ALFAcoins team.
Litecoin mining / MinerMonitor - Windows/Linux - Android/iOS - ASIC - Monitoring
« Last post by btcben on November 15, 2018, 12:21:15 PM »

MinerMonitoring - Crypto mining rig monitoring software for Linux and Windows

For Windows
MinerMonitor for Windows:!jix0laCB!nNstwgmIMMBw9N8xvKBu4gikeRzo0cxe56ehFH6Mn1k
  • Support SMS/Telegram/Push notifications when:
    – GPU temperature gets higher than required
    – GPU temperature gets lower than required
    – (AntMiner) Chip temperature gets higher than required
    – (AntMiner) Chip temperature gets lower than required
    – Miner is not responding for X amount of minutes
    – GPU Fan speed is lower than X
    – GPU Fan speed is higher than X
    – Miner hashrate too low
    – GPU hashrate too low
    – Notification when miner comes back online
Supported software
  • CCMiner-Alexis 1.0
  • CCMiner Palgin skunk mod
  • CCMiner SP Skunk mods
  • CCMiner >= 2.0
  • T-Rex Miner
  • LolMiner
  • CryptoDredge
  • EWBF Support
  • XMR-Stak
  • SGMiner
  • dstm ZM
  • EthMiner
  • BMiner
  • CastXMR
  • SKMiner
  • EnemyMiner
  • PhoenixMiner
  • Excavator by NiceHash (1.4, 1.5)
  • Claymore’s Dual Miner support
  • ASIC AntMiner support
  • Supports miners without API (Stats-Only mode, reports GPU stats)
Web service
  • Profit monitoring
  • Pool 24h revenue tracking
  • Dailiy profit graph
  • Wallet monitoring service
  • profit calculation based on current hashrate and power
  • Hashrate graph
  • Share monitoring / graph
  • Temp graph
  • Power usage graph
EthControl v0.0.20 build 1025 (Windows)
  • Fan curve support
  • Supports CCMiner auto-restart when CPU does not validate.
  • Supports EWBF auto-restart when cuda device thread exited.
  • Bulk updates for remote configuration / install.
  • Ethminer full monitoring with GPU hashrate, GPU temp and GPU fan speeds.
  • Remote rig reboot support.
  • Remote stop/start support for mining software.
  • Web console for remote diagnostics
  • Automatic miner software installation support and updates
  • GPU monitoring.
  • Afterburner profile loading
  • Custom OC profiles for AMD / nVidia cards
  • Custom OC settings
  • OhGod pill support with automatic loading
  • Starts with windows automatically
  • Crash reports
  • CCMiner “invalidate cpu” error auto-restart
  • Easily deploy custom ccminer forks, claymore updates, custom software to multiple rigs
EthMonitoring v1.0.1 (Windows)
  • Supports multiple miners monitoring from one PC (Only monitoring no control)
  • Supports local rig monitoring with stats-only mode (no control)
  • Supports SGMiner/CGminer pool management (AntMiners)
Wallet Monitoring
  • Daily balance graph
  • Monitoring multiple coins from Cryptopia, Luno, Nicehash or by explorer
  • Transactions history in apps and web
  • Notifications for incoming/outgoing transactions
  • Masternode tracking support
Rig rebooter
  • Automatic rig rebooting when offline detected
  • Manual start/stop, reboot from app and web
API support
  • Remote config change
  • Stats retrieving
Custom colors
  • We support custom colors for hashrate, fan speed and temperature for easier tracking
Compact view
  • Complete overview for TV screens
  • Automatic scrolling
  • Scroll to offline/notified rig
  • Sound alarms
  • Custom colors
I would to present you the best resolve for yours website. Can i do it? / Ruwbednis

Выплата с проекта:
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Ну что Вам сказать, проект нравится, вывел и еще осталось 17$.
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Дальше продолжаю играть, надеюсь еще выведу. Всем удачного дня и бесконечного фарта :)


BitMEX Signals
Short #BCH around 505
Stop Loss -535
Leverage 10-20x
Result - 700% 



Auto trading bot for Bitmex Binance which does trade automatically in your account without manual intervention here you do not need to be in front of system anymore get free from manual trading  learn crypto currency trading free basic course Crypto mobile trading apps get all your premium signal on your mobile no need to be in front of system anymore & Excellent profitable Crypto trading signal with good profit


AA UNION CAPITAL (AAUC) investment fund, its incubator project KYCBench and other invested 7 major projects chief representatives covering crypto mining energy saving, regulatory frameworks, OTC sessions, with Vice President Salina Bo and key investing board members – Fund and Compliance Manager Cos Pana, Head of Data Management Alexandra Marchenko and OTS specialist Chris Klein held over 35 interviews and meeting with potential partners and ICOs projects for investment purpose during Malta Blockchain Summit at the venue location, Intercontinental Hotel St Pauls.

AA Union Capital conducted one of the main topics of the Malta Blockchain Summit, which held in Malta on November 1-2, was innovations in the regulation of online business. Some fundamental changes affect almost all industry participants and here are the main trends in this area.

According to the experts, the recent global trends in the field of regulation, there are three main trends that will have the greatest impact on the blockchain industry in the future. This is a European directive MiFID (II), aimed to tighten control over securities transactions; customer data protection regulations (GDPR); and also, perhaps, the “hottest” topic is cryptocurrency regulation.

Number of successful and promising cooperation’s where established with such well-known companies as Deloitte Malta, ICO Launch Malta, Blockchain Advisory Malta, Evercoin and ARQ Group, especially their Managing Director, Jean Paul Fabri, an economist at the Central Bank of Malta and advisor of Lawrence Gonzi, the Prime Minister of Malta during 2004-2013.

Supreme networking events, gathering and connecting people from all around the world, allowed us to held interesting discussions and share views and ideas with such blockchain celebrities as Miko Matsumura and Ian Balina; meeting our established star partners as CGCX and Coinstruction; and off course attending most interesting and remarkable conferences.

One of the essential conferences was held by Oxford Blockchain Foundation (OXBC), which was mostly related to government and blockchain tech with key participants in the Malta crypto / BC scene speaking up about Healthcare, GDPR, Blockchain & Governments: Bruce Jeong, Nicholas Warren, Maria Marenco, JP Fabri, Joel Semczyszyn, Mihaela Ulieru, Terence Cassar, Lynn Connolly, Celia Mifsud and Antonio Giannino.

One of the general highlight of the event was that the Virtual Financial Assets Act (Cap. 590 of the laws of Malta, the ‘VFAA’) finally came into effect. As the official date for the VFAA entry into force, is set to be remembered as a day Malta entrenched its leading role in the world of Distributed Leger Technologies and Digital Assets.

With significant media attention being drawn towards the fledgling crypto-asset industry, as well as the wider ‘token’ economy, the VFAA comes at a vital time to promote its sound development by enshrining market integrity and investor protection. Pivotal to this outcome will be the gatekeeping role entrusted to VFA Agents who will be registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), and will be required to be appointed by market players who wish to carry out IVFAOs or VFA Services.

KYCBench, firstly as a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) provider, believes that streamlining the law governing online business is a normal civilized process that will continue. Therefore, it is important to take into account popular trends and adapt business to them in a timely manner. Ignoring this will result in significant losses in the future.

Few years ago service providers, compared to banks, felt very free, but today their activities are strictly regulated, and they are forced to comply with strict requirements related to KYC and AML. Undoubtedly, the same in the near future awaits miners, mining cryptocurrency, and traders in these currencies.
Litecoin discussion / Re: What is Litecoin?
« Last post by poojamutuganti on November 14, 2018, 04:56:22 AM »
it is nice information about litecoin. helpful information to many people.
Spend litecoins / Re: Lottery Statistic Analyser Now Accepts Litecoin
« Last post by poojamutuganti on November 14, 2018, 04:52:59 AM »
nice information.
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