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2x R9 280X Dual X OC - PC rebooting when 100%


I got 2 R9 280X Sapphire Dual X OC for mining and it was working for 3 days without any problem but now it is not.[/size]Each video card alone they work on 100% load (no issues, tested).With both cards together i need to lower the vddc and the GPU/Memclock for it to work.My config is:Gigabyte B75m-DH3 (one at 1.1 PCI_E 16x and the other at 1.0 4x)2gb DDRG470 CeleronCorsair TX850W (70 Amps on the 12 volts rail)All brand new, using cgminer for it. It also crashed on 3dmark while testing on crossfire both cards together.So its the PSU the problem?

It is now crashing with a single card. Both on windows 7 32 and 64 bits..crap, any ideas?testing with an Radeon 5770 1h so far no boots/crashes.. so that rules that the motherboard, memory, processor is working properly. Also that the power supply with only 150 watts less does work...

the 5770 is on pcie 2.0 16x, the r9 280x was on 1.1 16x, is that a issue?


Sorry to dig this up, but.... did you find a solution to the issue? I have the same r9 280x and a similar machine setup to you.

I can run 1 card quite solidly at 100% but the 2nd card i get barely 150kh/s out of it before the machine reboots. Doesn't matter which card is at 100% still get a crash.

I was leaning towards psu for mine aswell...
What PSU are you using? did you replace it in the end?

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