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Decentralized Advertisements (DAdvers)
« on: March 19, 2022, 03:54:26 PM »

Decentralized Advertisements (DAdvers)

DAdvers is a brand new way to advertise blockchain projects.
It removed intermediaries from the advertisement space by linking advertisers and their audience on a single platform.


Dadvers is a smarter and a brand new way to advertise. The delays, bureaucracies, limitations, low click rates, and other challenges that come with regulated or third party controlled set-ups are no more. Blockchain technology never ceases to amaze each passing day. Decentralized innovations are cropping up with lightning speed among them, the DAdvers (Decentralized Advertisement).

In the past/now, one needed approval from third parties; you can now place your ads independently and reach a huge blockchain based audience so long you have internet connectivity. The key reason is to bring freedom in placing ads, and do away with
intermediaries or third parties.

Having given that brief introduction, let us shift our focus to the following aspects:

❖ What DAdvers Is
❖ What DAdvers Does
❖ How DAdvers Works, Compared to Other advertising Solutions

What DAdvers Is

DAdvers is a crypto or blockchain platform that comprises crypto fans and projects. The platform is run on a protocol called Triple Win or W3LL (Whale). Here, every participant is a winner. Whether they are community members, promoters, or the audience, they all stand to benefit. From its treasury the platform funds new projects, token buybacks, rewards to participants and benefits the community at large. The sole source of income are fees generated from smart ads’ claims. On the platform, promoters advertise about their ongoing and upcoming projects by deploying Smart Contracts known as (SmAC) or Smart Ads. However, one should be a PPeC Token holder to interact with or launch a SmAC.

What DAdvers Does

DAdvers remove intermediaries from the advertisement space by linking advertisers and their audience on a single platform. To do away with the delays, regulations, and other strict protocols that are associated with intermediaries. It incorporates blockchain technology to accomplish its mandate. They are decentralized in nature whereby once the promoter and the user are logged on in their systems, they can interact directly devoid of monitoring. Finally, the fee gotten from the advertisements is used to reward users or the audience. This incentive motivates the audience triggering more ad clicks or increasing Click-Through Rate (CTR). Unlike the current scenario where no rewarding of users is done, leading to low ads click rates or even ads dislikes.

How DAdvers Works, Compared to Other advertising Solutions

As stated above, DAdvers are decentralized ads platforms that operate devoid of third parties. They use smart contracts to execute their mandates. The current online advertisements are centralized. They cannot operate well without being supervised or controlled by a central authority.

What makes DAdvers tick compared to other advertising solutions such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter?

❖ In the centralized Ads, fees collected, which is very high, go to the platform, however, the fees collected in a DAdvers platform go to its treasury. From the treasury, the fees are used to reward users, create more DAdvers applications, and buyback tokens for burning events.

❖ DAdvers’ smart ads need no approval to be published, whereas centralized Ads cannot go to the public without authorization.

❖ Smart ads remain beneficial after creation however; online ads are only for a short period and can be deleted or altered. The DAdvers uses SmAC in various ways, such as a proof of publication (consensus), NFTs, or being sold.

❖ Finally, in the centralized ads, the promoter pays the platform’s owner(s) for every click. While in the DAdvers, the promoter rewards its audience for every click which acts as airdrops or giveaways.

In summation, DAdvers is the community of promoters or advertisers and a participating audience. Its major goal is decentralizing the advertising space by removing the central authority and automating the entire process via blockchain technology.


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